Pass the test and detect violations

Take a test case with a proctoring.
We invite you to take a quiz with proctoring and familiarise yourself with the features of our product. During the quiz, the circle in the bottom left corner of the screen will help you make sure your face stays in focus on the camera.
Congratulations, you have passed your proctoring test!

If you are interested in the proctoring functionality, leave a request on the website and we will get back to you. The button below ""Open proctor's account" allows you to view the protocol that the system recorded and to see the confidence score and other results of the proctoring.
A few sample questions to start with. I do my exercises in the morning:
I prefer a good nights sleep:
It may seem odd to you that we are asking these questions. Do not be surprised, they are only needed to recreate the testing conditions.
Now we invite you to break the rules. Imagine you don't know the answer to the next question and want to cheat - try opening another browser tab at the same time, typing "what's the weather today?" or any other query in the search bar. The proctoring system will recognize the violation and issue a warning.
A few more conditional questions. Do you manage to get eight hours of sleep a day?
I think I am by chronotype and biological clock:
Once again, let's break the rules. Suppose the next question is difficult and you decide to ask a friend for help. If there is another person nearby, try asking them a question or just talk to yourself out loud for 10 seconds - they say it can be useful.
Now try calling a friend to the screen and sit together for at least 10 seconds. The proctoring system will detect the presence of unauthorised people and report this.
Now suppose you want to copy the answers from your colleague and decide to step away from the screen for a moment. The system notices that no one is in front of the camera and issues an appropriate warning.
Lets continue with the test, you can experiment with different disturbances. Do you usually wake up before the alarm clock?
I cant sleep or I wake up at the slightest sound or light:
My favourite character by Walt Disney
You can go to the proctor's interface to watch your session online.