Questions and Answers
For students
— What does ProctorEdu do?
— ProctorEdu offers an automated proctoring solution that allows to take secure and cheat-free online tests.
— How does it work?
— ProctorEdu uses 8 behavioral trackers, such as monitoring the webcam, audio and browser feed, to ensure that the test-taker is following the rules properly.
— Who will be proctoring the tests?
— Currently, we do not provide live proctors. However, at your service is our automated proctoring system, which has been proven to do a great job by 3000+ test-takers.
— What do I do if something goes wrong?
— Contact us at or +1 (323) 489-7779 and we will solve technical issues of any complexity in under an hour.
— How do I know if my computer meets your technical requirements?
— ProctorEdu's system requirements are: operating system Windows XP+/OS X 10.7+/Linux; browser Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox; internet connection at least 512 kbps up/down; web-camera 640x480 @ 10 fps.
— How do I know if everything is working correctly?
— Before you begin your exam, conduct a system check which tests your web-camera, microphone and internet connection. Click on "Check System" in the Exam interface.
— Does the process of connecting to my proctor cut into my exam?
— We set aside 5 minutes for the authentication process and it does not cut into the exam time.
FAQ Institutions
— Who is proctoring the exams?
— We pride ourselves on using the automated proctoring algorithm. However we can easily arrange for a live invigilator to proctor the test for you if need be.
— Can you integrate with our LMS?
— Definitely. We integrate with any LMS in under a week, regardless of its complexity. If your institution is using Moodle LMS, integration is available within a day.
— Do you offer pilot tests?
— Absolutely. It is a key step to building trust between our clients and us.
— When will we hear back from the proctor about the results?
— The test results will be available to the test-admin within 24 hours.
— I'm not sure I know how to use ProctorEdu. What kind of help can I get?
— Contact us at or +1 (323) 489-7779 and we will help you set up an exam and guide you through every step to make sure everything goes as planned.
— We haven't decided on who will be paying for the test. Will you be able to settle the financial matters between the student and the institution?
— We are flexible, so whichever option works best for you will work best for us as well.
—Can we use ProctorEdu to conduct employee certification or recruitment in our company?
— Of course. Conducting proctored certification tests is a good way to raise trust in your business.