FAQ Institutions

Who is proctoring the exams?

We pride ourselves on using the automated proctoring algorithm. However we can easily arrange for a live invigilator to proctor the test for you if need be.

Can you integrate with our LMS? 

Definitely. We integrate with any LMS in under a week, regardless of its complexity. If your institution is using Moodle LMS, integration is available within a day

Do you offer pilot tests? 

Absolutely. It is a key step to building trust between our clients and us. 

When will we hear back from the proctor about the results? 

The test results will be available to the test-admin within 24 hours. 

I'm not sure I know how to use ProctorEdu. What kind of help can I get? 

Contact us at support@proctoredu.ru or +1 (323) 489-7779 and we will help you set up an exam and guide you through every step to make sure everything goes as planned.

We haven't decided on who will be paying for the test. Will you be able to settle the financial matters between the student and the institution?

We are flexible, so whichever option works best for you will work best for us as well.  

Can we use ProctorEdu to conduct employee certification or recruitment in our company? 

Of course. Conducting proctored certification tests is a good way to raise trust in your business.