FAQ Students

What does ProctorEdu do? 

ProctorEdu offers an automated proctoring solution that allows to take secure and cheat-free online tests. 

How does it work?

ProctorEdu uses 8 behavioral trackers, such as monitoring the webcam, audio and browser feed, to ensure that the test-taker is following the rules properly. 

Who will be proctoring the tests?

Currently, we do not provide live proctors. However, at your service is our automated proctoring system, which has been proven to do a great job by 3000+ test-takers.

What do I do if something goes wrong? 

Contact us at support@proctoredu.ru or +1 (323) 489-7779 and we will solve technical issues of any complexity in under an hour.

How do I know if my computer meets your technical requirements?

ProctorEdu's system requirements are: operating system Windows XP+/OS X 10.7+/Linux; browser Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox; internet connection at least 512 kbps up/down; web-camera 640x480 @ 10 fps.

How do I know if everything is working correctly?

Before you begin your exam, conduct a system check which tests your web-camera, microphone and internet connection. Click on "Check System" in the Exam interface.

Does the process of connecting to my proctor cut into my exam? 

We set aside 5 minutes for the authentication process and it does not cut into the exam time.