Free version

Get free access to the proctoring service
1. Conditions
Read the terms of our free version
The free version is designed to provide you with free proctoring solution for small in volume testing and to give you an opportunity to get hands-on experience with the Product. No contract is required.

Free version includes:
  • conducting tests with proctoring without integration with the testing system;
  • auto-proctoring and scoring (credibility assessment) by 12 metrics;
  • one proctor account with access to online monitoring and protocols of all sessions;
  • video communication and chat with participants in online monitoring;
  • observation of up to 30 participants at one time;
  • video recording from a webcam and computer screen;
  • PDF session reports;
  • peak load of up to 100 concurrent proctoring sessions.
But it has a number of limitations:
  • integration with the testing system is not provided;
  • no administrative access to manage proctoring settings;
  • no mobile version;
  • unable to connect a mobile camera;
  • no passport verification of identity;
  • technical support is not provided;
  • terms of service may be changed in the future.
2. How to access
Review the access procedure
To get access to the free version, leave a request on the website marked "free version".

You will be given a client ID and a key that you need to use to generate links for participants. As well as username and password for the proctor account.
    3. How to use
    Read the following instructions for using the free version
    For each participant, you need to generate a separate link for the proctoring session, each link is valid for one use only. Links for participants are generated using the form below, where you have to specify your customer ID and secret key, as well as the number of links and the URL of the test page, which will be displayed to the participant in IFRAME inside the page of the proctoring system.

    Test page must meet the following two rules:
    1. setup of the testing system server should allow opening the test page in IFRAME;
    2. the testing system page should open using the HTTPS protocol using a valid SSL certificate.
    If you don't have your own testing system, you can use Google Forms as the easiest option.

    You can login as a proctor at!/login.
    4. Link generator
    Use the ID and key to generate links for proctoring sessions
    Number of links