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Browser version
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Multi-device support

Exclusive Online Proctoring Features
ProctorEdu is a browser solution for online monitoring, recording, and evaluating user behaviour throughout online assessments. We have been providing online proctoring services since 2016, continuously focusing on user-experience. We release minor updates every quarter to give our clients the most intuitive interface. Major updates are released every year to provide the best of what technology has to offer.

Proctoring functions are integrated with LMS or testing platforms, which allow you to control remote exams in live or automated modes.

Supervised exams reduce reputational risks and organizational costs, and increase the competencies of staff and students' knowledge.
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Confirmed system productivity
2 000 000
exams passed with ProctorEdu
5 000
participants took tests at the same time

System features

Our company's top priority is quality and innovation in proctoring. Thanks to this, we can provide you with the best solutions on the market in the shortest possible time.
Automatic assessment of confidence in test results and biometric verification of identity.
Mobile support
Support on Android and iOS mobile devices.
SDK Integration
Seamless integration with diverse testing platforms, works in the browser and does not require the installation of extensions, plug-ins and third-party software.
Video calling
Communication with live proctor via video, audio and chat. The ability to communicate with the student to several proctors at the same time.
Additional camera
Connect an additional mobile camera for the view of 360°.
Online monitoring of up to 30 participants simultaneously for each proctor.

Proctoring options

Choose the option that suits you or use them together
Fully automated
Our system follows the test-taker using 14 behavioral trackers and generates a credibility report once the exam is finished

+ Screen-sharing
+ Behavioral tracking
+ Credibility report
Record & review
The system records the test throughout its entire duration, after which a certified proctor can re-watch it to confirm credibility

+ Screen-sharing
+ Behavioral tracking
+ Reviewer
Live proctoring
Certified proctors supervise the test in real time, watching the test-taker's background and desktop to rule out cheating behavior

+ Screen-sharing
+ Live proctor
+ Video archiving

Delivery options

Choose the most suitable delivery option
System works in the cloud with access via the Internet. Update, maintenance and all technical complexity is hidden, and you get only the required service.
System is deployed on your server inside your infrastructure. It provides full control over data and can operate inside a local network with no access to the Internet.
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Integrated with

LMS and Online Assessment Platforms of international renown
Custom Integration
If you are using a different LMS, contact us for more detailed information. Regardless of complexity, integration is completed with 10 days with any learning management system out there. If your LMS is LTI-compliant (click here to see the list of LTI-compliant LMS), the integration process will be even faster.

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How Remote Proctored Exams Work
  • 1st step is installation.
Integrate proctoring with your testing platform following a user-friendly instruction. For integration with custom LMS we offer dedicated technical support.

  • 2nd step is conducting a test.
You can configure proctoring features to suit your exam scenario. Your customer success manager will assist you during the configuration. Afterwards, you can run any event with proctoring, be it a written test, an essay, or even an oral exam. The system will verify the participant's identity and track the person's behavior during the whole event. Everything works in a web browser and requires no extensions, plug-ins, or third-party software to install. With ProctorEdu, you do not need to choose what mode of proctoring you choose: your instance will imply the possibility to conduct both live and asynchronous proctoring right upon installation.

  • 3rd step is getting the results.
The system analyses the data, assesses the results' confidence level, and generates reports. The protocols come in two formats: video and pdf, can be stored as long as the license is valid and/or exported to your storage space. The documentation can serve as obvious evidence in disputable cases to make the exam process unbiased and transparent.

Who We Serve
ProctorEdu helps academic institutions, enterprises, and accrediting bodies to carry out reliable online testing, reduce organizational costs and achieve KPIs. We provide an advanced system with fully automated, asynchronous, and synchronous proctoring.
Emulate traditional exams in a safe online environment
Stop wasting time on in-class tests and get rid of risks stemming from academic dishonesty
Live up to any standard with high level of security and accuracy towards data
Key Features of ProctorEdu System
A student takes a selfie, photos an ID, and scans their environment with our 360" view functionality.

AI can assess the process by 15 parameters. Live proctors can communicate with students via chat, audio and video.

You get PDF and video protocols which are time-stamped for easy navigation.
ProctorEdu goes the extra mile to make online proctoring a new normal, causing zero stress. Here come a few examples. First, our tech support is dedicated to help you through integration process, paying extra attention to data security and smooth scenarios. Second, all metrics are customizable to avoid any unnecessary pressure on admins or test-takers. Third, no extra action is required before the test: you do not need to download an extension or application to take or proctor a test. By the way, one of our KPIs is the passing rate, meaning that we are constantly raising the percentage of people who take a proctored test without any critical issues. Last time we checked, we reached 99%.