from 0 USD per proctoring hour
in our cloud or on your hosting
Billing Terms
Explore the terms of per-hour billing
The cost of proctoring can be easily adjusted by changing only two parameters:
Number of hours
The total duration of all proctoring sessions available for usage or storage.
Peak load
The number of simultaneous proctoring sessions required for events.
What you get:
  • software for proctoring assessments, including automatic and live proctoring;
  • transparent billing: only the actual duration of observation of participants in the sessions is taken into account;
  • customer technical support.
What you do NOT pay for:
  • the number of sessions held, only their total duration is taken into account;
  • peak load for the boxed version, peak load is charged only in the cloud version.
Cost calculator
Calculate the cost of proctoring according to the given parameters
Number of hours
How many hours you need to spend or keep
Peak load*
How many simultaneous sessions you need
Total amount:
$ 0
* — for the boxed version, peak load is not charged, just specify the minimum value of 100.