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Automated proctoring

Our automated proctoring algorithms monitors the test-taker using 8 behavioral trackers during the test and creates a credibility report once the test is finished.

The algorithm tracks:
+ Forbidden pages open in the browser
+ Browser window is not maximized
+ Focus changed to a different window
+ Unrecognized typing patterns
+ Strangers in front of the camera
+ No face in front of the camera
+ Conversation or noise in the background
+ Microphone is muted

Perfect solution for mass online courses and admissions tests with a big number of test-takers

Get quick reviews and credibility scores for all test-takers at the same time
Record & review

The system automatically monitors the test-taker using behavioral trackers and gives you the opportunity to review the test footage yourself in case more thorough scrutiny is necessary.

Good for small groups of test-takers

Rule out cheating behavior completely
Live proctoring

A certified live proctor will be present during the exam to monitor the test-taker personally and give thorough attention to detail. The video of the test will be backed up in the cloud if further review is needed.

An ideal solution for high-stakes tests, such as job interviews and individual admissions tests.
System requirements
Chrome 49+
Firefox 52+
Opera 30+
Operating system
Windows XP +
MacOS 10.12+
Internet connection
128 kbps up/down
640x480 @ 15 fps
Exam rules
Before beginning your exam, make sure you have a steady internet connection. Also, make sure that:
Your room is well-lit
You are alone
Your camera is positioned properly
Browser extension
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