Live Proctoring

Online Solution for High-Stakes Exams

Monitor exams in real time using our Live Proctoring solution with 15 behavioral trackers and a post-exam credibility report

How Live Proctoring Works

Where exams require additional human control or communication with students, live online proctoring is your choice. Similarly to automated proctoring, AI-based trackers register violations and generate credibility reports for each student. With live proctoring, human proctors monitor test-takers in real time and see alerts whenever a student asks for assistance or is suspected of cheating. No need for other video conferencing tools: proctors can connect with students via chat, audio or video and share their screen to guide a test-taker.

Exams in educational institutions

Universities and other institutions use live proctoring for assessments such as course quizzes, midterm or final examinations, essays and even oral exams where multiple students take a test simultaneously. Live exam monitoring ensures equal testing conditions and fair results for students and convenience for teachers: no guessing, the system signals to the proctor what participants need closer attention. If something goes wrong or a student needs help, proctors can intervene at any moment.

Live Proctoring Step by Step

Create sessions and users
Fetch exams and user accounts from your assessment platform or learning management system or set them up in our interface. All parameters are customizable: you choose what functions and metrics to use.
Assign proctors
Choose proctors for each exam or let the system distribute proctors automatically.
Start monitoring
Live proctors see students as soon as they enter their test. Whenever someone is suspected of misconduct, proctors see a visual alert and can communicate with them through chat, audio or video.
Receive reports
After sessions end, you can review video recordings and PDF reports for each participant with an overall credibility score and a detailed analysis of violations.

Key features of the Proctoring System

Observation and notifications
Each proctor monitors up to 30 participants simultaneously and gets alerts about suspicious behavior or messages from students.
Easy communication with students
Proctors and test-takers can connect via video, audio and chat, attach files and share their screen: students can easily report an issue, while proctors can guide participants or talk to them one-on-one or in a group.
Automaticaly get the score of confidence in test results.
Oral exam interface
The system is adapted to interviews and exams in spoken form. Instructors can hand out tasks, observe participants while they prepare, assess them on video call and consult in a separate room at any point in the exam.
Additional camera and room view
Monitor students' environment as if on-site: you can connect a mobile device for a 360° view during their test and require a room video as a mandatory step at the start.
No downloads required
The system runs in the browser.

Your Possibilities with Live Proctoring

For organizers:
  • Fit all exam parameters to your requirements: functions and settings are customizable for every online assessment

  • Use session templates for easier administration

  • Conduct written and oral exams safely from malpractice

  • Add a second camera for a full view of students' working space

  • Review detailed reports on all students

  • Consult video protocols in case of appeals

For proctors:
  • Intervene at any point: talk with students via chat, audio or video, rate them or terminate sessions manually

  • Monitor multiple students at once

  • Have access to video from students' web camera, screen, and a mobile camera for a fuller view

  • No need to jump randomly between students: the system highlights participants suspected of cheating

  • Communicate with other proctors in a special room. No need to jump to a messenger to say something important to everyone
For students:
  • No need to install any applications or extensions

  • Your security is protected: nothing is installed on your device; ProctorEdu does not require remote control of your computer, tablet or phone; proctoring, including screen sharing, only works while you are completing a test: you give permissions explicitly at the start of each session

  • Pass a quick equipment check before starting your exam attempt: if something does not work, you will know about it before you have entered the test

  • Contact your proctor any time during your exam. You won't stay unnoticed, your proctor will see a notification until they answer you.

Live vs. Auto Proctoring

Communication with test-takers
during online assessments
Oral exams
Customizable session parameters
Student authentication
at the start & during a test
Video from web camera, screen
and (if required) mobile camera
Exam recordings and
detailed reports for each test-taker


What is live proctoring?
Live online proctoring is one of the proctoring modes available with our solution. AI-based trackers register and highlight suspected misconduct in real time, helping live proctors monitor test-takers and protect exam integrity.
Who can be a proctor?
Whoever the institution assigns this role to. Typically, proctors are staff members, teachers or instructors.
Do you provide your own proctors?
No, generally, we only provide the platform while our customers engage proctors from their own staff or contractors. This lifts security concerns raised by exposing exam content and student data to people unrelated to the institution.
What are the technical requirements?
Here are the main requirements:

Operating systems: Windows 7, macOS 10.12 "Sierra", Linux.
Supported web browsers: Chrome 72, Opera 59, Firefox 66, Edge 79, Safari 12.0.x.
Speed: 256 Kbit/s for students; 256 Kbit/s * number of students observed.

For full information, please visit the section "Technical requirements" in our manuals for proctors and students.
Do I need to download anything on my device?
No! Unlike many online proctoring solutions, ProctorEdu is web-based: it works without any apps or extensions, unless your institution requires them for separate reasons.
How can I make sure my device is compatible with your proctoring?
You can pass an equipment check before an exam via Administrators can also create pre-test templates accessible by link and distribute them among test-takers.
What happens if the Internet goes down during the proctored test?
The system will automatically recover itself once connection is back on. Network downtime will be reflected in post-exam reports.
How many students can be monitored by one proctor?
We do not limit this, but we recommend up to 30 students per proctor. This also depends on proctors' internet speed: the required minimum is 256 Kbit/s * number of students observed simultaneously by the proctor.
What degree of control do proctors have over students' computers?
Proctors do not have remote control of students' devices (i.e. they cannot do things on a student's computer). However, proctors see what is happening on students' screens during the exam. Screen activity during the test is also recorded and saved in the system.
Can proctors communicate with students during an exam?
Sure! Proctors and students can speak via chat, audio and video.
Can a proctor stop a session?
Yes. If necessary, a proctor can terminate a session manually.
Is live proctoring recorded?
Yes, the system records video from students' web camera, screen, and (if used) their mobile camera. The recordings and PDF reports are generated within minutes after test completion and remain available for review.
Who can review exam recordings?
It depends on your role: proctors can review the sessions they were assigned to, while exam administrators have access to all recordings.
Is pricing different for live and auto proctoring?
No, pricing is the same and includes all proctoring modes. You purchase all in one package: you can use live proctoring for some of your exams and automated proctoring for others as you find suitable.


Confirmed system productivity
2 000 000
exams passed with ProctorEdu
5 000
participants took tests at the same time