Case studies


Proctoring is a way to provide reliable testing results not only for universities and colleges, but also for businesses, assessment platforms, online courses and many other organizations. When it comes to the necessity to make an independent assessment of knowledge in different areas, specialists turn to proctoring solutions.

  • The Cebir case represents a vivid example of the demand for reliable and independent assessment of HR processes. Cebir is a Belgian company founded in 1987 that mainly focuses on the automation of recruitment procedures through various types of testing. These test systems combine advanced IT technology and psychological background.

  • Their customer base is diverse, from private companies to universities, and all of them are seeking for a state-of-the-art solution for candidate and employee outreach.

  • But how to make the results of remote online testing valid? Here is where proctoring comes on scene. ProctorEdu solution is a versatile product that can be customized to meet the needs of a particular organization or business. When Cebir approached us with a request to provide proctoring for some of their clients, we were able to find the solution that matched them perfectly.

  • The decision regarding a proctoring solution was complex. Besides the technical aspects, there were also general service needs to cover. When a business requires proctoring, it does not apply just for the product itself, but expects to get certain terms of cooperation from a company that is comfortable to work with.

  • One of the most crucial factors was security compliance determining data access and storage only on the client servers. As we are working with cloud and on-premise solutions this issue was easily covered by the ProctorEdu team. Other important requirements were the interface usability, metrics desired for reliable candidate testing results, session protocol and degree of testing credibility. Prompt technical support and the speed of technical requests solving has also made joint work more productive and mutually pleasant.

  • In addition, we provide Cebir with the possibility of post-payment for the actual consumed volume, which was a crucial criteria in cooperation establishment. Even considering that this condition is not a standard clause in the contract.

  • Cebir is using an on-premise solution, which allows them to keep data highly secure according to the clients’ demand.

  • The cooperation lifetime is one of the most representative indexes of its success. Confirming this fact, Sebir has been our client for two years. Also in the 2nd year, the consumption of proctoring volume; has increased drastically, as it was possible to scale it to a larger number of test-takers.

  • Proctoring has helped to make a recruitment process more efficient and reliable, but also, which is even more important, to reduce the cost of hiring and qualifying employees.

  • Cooperation with Cebir clearly shows how the proctoring solution helps to improve existing processes, makes them easier and cheaper. Proctoring is a universal tool for assessing the credibility of the activities, so it can be used in completely different areas. Here could be your successful story of using our proctoring solution for exams, projects, evaluations, HR processes and other cases.