Case studies



  • An all-in-one platform with more than a decade of experience conceived to securely ensure the entire exam lifecycle. The company emerged from Higher education and developed in Sweden. The DigiExam team is a mix of ambitious people from more than 7 different nationalities who believe that "great knowledge deserves great exams".

  • Universities, Colleges and Schools use DigiExam to enhance productivity, improve learning quality and academic honesty. Designed with the greatest level of safety in mind, using a proprietary technology.

  • They wanted to implement proctoring for some clients of their platform in order to make results more reliable and meet the standards of online testing. The key factor was the possibility of AI application In order to check a participants’ ID. Some of the clients have exams with specific Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) requirements that govern minimum supervisory requirements.

  • During the testing a participant can be guided by a session invigilator (proctor). The two-way chat feature ensures that test-takers can chat with their proctors in case of facing any difficulties. Another benefit of using the system is that automatic alerts are sent to students if the Artificial Intelligence detects something suspicious (such as background noise). In case of detection of an academic misconduct, there would be a direct evidence in the video protocol

  • At the beginning of the test a participant is also obliged to go through equipment check and ID verification, so the process is completely automated and easy.

  • Our interaction dates back to 2020. Proctoring system was deployed on DigiExam’s server inside their infrastructure which ensures extra-security and provides full control over data.

  • Some of the tests are being held on DigiExam platform while some other are on Moodle. The possibility of the integration to customize platforms remains distinct advantage

  • Over 60 000 successfully conducted sessions within 3 years of cooperation.

  • As the product is being updated and new features are developed, we hold technical meetings for the DigiExam team so that they could make the best use of our system for their customers.

  • Plenty of students have noted that they feel more comfortable taking their exams at home. This solution has allowed students to take exams throughout the country without having to worry about traveling to campus by the exam day.