Automated Proctoring

ProctorEdu offers remote proctoring in three different modes, one of which is fully automated.

Automated proctoring uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track and evaluate test-takers' behavior and does not require a proctor's presence.
How automated proctoring works
Test-takers start their exam within a learning platform interface, run a 30-second equipment check, verify their identity, and watch a video with rules of the event. Now the proctored test is started. AI records and monitors students' screen, webcam, and microphone. It detects and flags misbehaviors to generate credibility protocols after the exam is finished. The protocols can be re-viewed by proctors and serve as objective evidence in disputable cases.
When and why use automated proctoring?
When you want to automate online exam management and make it as cost-effective as you can possibly imagine. To students, this proctoring modality means utmost convenience as test-taking can happen at any time. To an institution, AI brings peace-of-mind as they can benefit from conducting an unlimited number of tests and get rid of scheduling.

System features

to automate everything
Fully automated
All stages of proctoring are designed for independent passage.
Video recording
Record webcam and screen to be able to view its in case of appeal.
Leverage test credibility scores and AI auto-inference.
Content protection
Protect exam content from copying and sharing.
ID check automation
Verify the identity of the student and track them throughout the entire proctoring session.
Mobile camera
Connect a mobile camera for 360° view and smartphone lock.

Key differences

Fully automated and self-paced
ProctorEdu delivers automated identity verification, video and audio streams recording, AI scoring and conclusion. You can customize monitored metrics and their weights. You get time-stamped reports with data analysis within 5 minutes. AI makes an online course fully automated and self-paced.
Credibility and flexibility
Automated proctoring can be adjusted to a specific test scenario. You have a variety of behavioral metrics to choose from. The metrics range from ID verification to type print verification. Five most used parameters for secure results are: content-copy protection, web tab control, mobile phone lock, mobile camera for 360° view, webcam and screen recording.

Our benefits

Any devices
Access for students to an exam session at any time and on any device, mobile phones and tablets included.
Customizable metrics
Customizable proctored metrics with adjustable weights for your very scenario.
Full-cycle analytics
Full-cycle video and audio streams processing: recording, AI analysis, storage.
Detailed time-stamped reports with credibility score and conclusion.
Reliability and availability
99.95% of sessions with no downtime.
Interested or need more information?
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Is it necessary for a student to attach their ID?
No, all metrics are customizable and can be switched off.
Does a test-taker need to download an app to take an auto proctored test?
No, ProctorEdu is a browser solution. You don't need to download an app or extension to take a proctored exam. You can also take your test on a mobile device without having to download anything.
What is a credibility score?
Credibility score is a rating that AI gives to a session after the exam is finished. It is measured in percentage. In simple words, it demonstrates the percentage of time during which a test-taker was honest. Using the credibility score and the threshold value, the AI can automatically issue a conclusion on the proctoring session. The conclusion can be re-viewed by the proctor and confirmed or changed.
What happens if the Internet goes down during the proctored test?
The proctoring system requires a minimum bandwidth of 256 kbps and will automatically recover from a temporary loss of connectivity. Network downtime will be reflected in post-exam reports.
How can I make sure my device is compatible with your proctoring?
You can pass an equipment check in advance before the actual exam on this page. Administrators can also create pre-test templates accessible by link and distribute them among the test-takers.
— What about Live Proctoring?
— This is your choice, if your assessments require additional human control or communication with students. Live proctors monitor test-takers in real time and see alerts whenever a student asks for assistance or is suspected of cheating. No need for other video conferencing tools: proctors can connect with students via chat, audio or video and share their screen to guide a test-taker.