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Every day billions of assessments are moving online facing the challenges of exam administration in a remote setting. Our highly-trained team works hard to help administrators, proctors, and test-takers to overcome these challenges regardless of the type of institution they come from. Exam at school, pre-employment skills assessment, and professional certification have nothing in common from first sight. But plagiarism, verification issues, and cheating might be an obstacle for any type of exam. Especially online exam. ProctorEdu offers trusted software to avoid fraud while enjoying the flexibility and time savings of moving online.
  • Higher Education
  • Certification
  • Corporate
  • LMS

How can proctored exams be valuable
in different industries?

Exclusive exam integrity features of proctoring software have been proven to be helpful at any type of the corporate online assessment.
  • Higher Education
    Monitor your test-takers to make educational institutions process more productive and trusted anywhere and anytime.
  • Corporate certification
    Persue career goals confidently with a flexibility of online certification while online proctoring ensures the integrity of the exam content.
  • Olympiad Exams
    Authenticate your candidates easily without any additional scheduling with on demand proctoring on the any testing platform you use.
  • Language Certification
    Make language and TOEFL certifications more flexible, less stressful and available to any student around the world regardless of time zone or geographical distance.
  • Test Platforms
    Make exam-taking process more flexible, less stressful and accessible to students around the world any time, at any place and on any device.

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  • User-friendly
    The test-takers will be able to use
    the system without any downloads on any device.
  • Cost-effective
    Online monitoring of up to 30 participants at the same time for each proctor.
  • Scalable
    Confirmed capability to simultaneously monitor 5,000+ sessions.
Over 2 million test-takers were able to take the exam online with a help of ProctorEdu