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Оnline proctored exam made easy for your faculty and students with a high level of credibility.

Easy-to-use, secure and flexible online proctoring software

ProctorEdu approaches conducting online exams in a fully automated way which is convenient for educational institutions and for students personally.
We strive to create the best online testing experience that provides for educators and students maintenance while safeguarding exam integrity and your reputation.
The user-friendly system allows students to simply log in and conduct online exams at any time, in any place and on any device.

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Features for unmatched testing experience

ProctorEdu provides educational institutions with a solution to secure online exams while maintaining full control over processes.
Smart behavior analytics
Automatic assessment of confidence in test results, biometric verification of identity.
Mobile support
Support on Android and iOS mobile devices.
Minimum network requirements
256 Kbit/s (100 MB/h) + automatic recovery after disconnection.

No downloads
No need to download anything on the students' computers.
Additional camera
Connect an additional mobile camera for the view of 360°.
Online monitoring of up to 30 participants simultaneously for each proctor.

No downloads rule

In the era of data privacy we keep track of all the trends and know that uploading something on your laptop can be extremely stressful. With that in mind we designed a proctoring software that will be safely opened in the browser keeping the data private and secure. Test takers will confidently access the proctored assessment via LMS with no time spent on setting up the software on the computer even at the high-stake exams.

What makes ProctorEdu unique?

Online proctoring service with user-experience in mind.
  • Innovation-driven
    We release the updates every month to improve testing experiences for students.
  • Experience
    We have trained thousands of educators from all over the world to provide online exams at ease and protect academic integrity in any setting.
  • Dedicated team
    We are happy to provide training sessions for your instructional designers and faculty to ensure smooth onboarding and readiness for a flawless online test delivery.
  • Flexibility
    We are always ready to support our clients in any troubles. We will offer a solution in case of the limited budget or issues with integration.
— What about the solutions for corporate assessments?
— Cheating free testing experience is important not only for educational institutions but for corporates too. Remote invigilation option allows HR managers to spend more time on open communication rather than monitoring academic integrity during online testing. Another advantange is that pre-employments assessments are no longer pen-and-paper which reduces the operational costs and assessment frustration of the candidates.
Over 2 million online exam proctoring session delivered.