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The partnership between ProctorEdu and YouTestMe is a dynamic alliance built upon the bedrock of advanced technology and an unwavering dedication to educational excellence. Our collaborative efforts mark a new era in online education, providing an all-in-one turnkey solution for online examination and proctoring.

Our integration combines ProctorEdu's advanced software for AI proctoring with YouTestMe's top-tier software for online examination and training. This powerful combination offers an unmatched online education experience.

Delivering a Premium, Full-Service Online Learning Experience

Our long-term partnership empowers institutions with flexibility, scalability, and convenience, offering a level playing field for all test-takers and maintaining the highest standards of fairness and integrity. The fully integrated approach enhances test management, alleviating concerns about cheating and enabling educators to confidently deliver exams remotely.

Moreover, this partnership amplifies both companies' core values: a dedication to enhancing the overall learning and teaching experience through modern technology while preserving the integrity and credibility of online assessments.

About YouTestMe

With the YouTestMe application, you can effortlessly create and distribute online tests within training courses or as standalone assessments. Whether you run important tests, manage a business that wants to certify and train employees, work at an educational institution, or operate a platform for online test purchases and certifications, YouTestMe is tailored to suit your specific requirements.By leveraging ProctorEdu's advanced technologies such as facial recognition, audio monitoring, and screen recording, it offers a robust platform for remote proctoring, ensuring the utmost fairness and security during assessment processes. ProctorEdu's comprehensive features not only verify the identity of test-takers but also actively detect any irregularities or suspicious activities, effectively deterring cheating, and impersonation.Our partnership offers you a variety of choices, giving you the freedom to combine and use the services provided by both ProctorEdu and YouTestMe. This collaboration provides a flexible platform where you can utilize the strengths of both solutions to customize your assessment experience according to your specific requirements.

How ProctorEdu Works with YouTestMe

Online examination software and AI Proctoring
YouTestMe features automated test and answer generators, a simple organization of questions into question pools, a certificate designer, automated and adjustable grading, a robust reporting system, a straightforward process exam schedule, and much more.

During exams administered through the YouTestMe application, students are securely monitored using ProctorEdu's AI proctoring software that diligently records the entire test-taking process, promptly identifying any potential irregularities or misconduct.

After the exam concludes, the system automatically generates a comprehensive credibility report and securely stores the exam footage.

You can access the exam footage and report anytime you want, and you have the option to perform subsequent human validation and review, ensuring an extra layer of confidence in the assessment process.
Online examination software, AI proctoring and Record & Review Service
In this comprehensive solution, we bring together the power of online examination software, AI proctoring technology, and a professional record and review service. With this integrated approach, you can enjoy a seamless assessment experience, without the need for you to review the footage.

This package includes:

  1. Organizing Tests on the YouTestMe Platform: Benefit from the powerful features of the YouTestMe platform, which provides a user-friendly interface for organizing and administering tests. You can enjoy the convenience of easy test setup and management, creating a seamless experience for both educators and test-takers.
  2. ProctorEdu's AI Proctoring: Enhance exam security through the cutting-edge AI proctoring solution offered by ProctorEdu. As students begin their tests, they will receive a clear warning about potential triggers for exam termination which maintains transparency and promotes fair practices.
  3. Review Service by YouTestMe Proctors: YouTestMe proctors take care of the meticulous task of reviewing each candidate's recorded behavior. They will analyze the recordings individually, identify any violations or irregularities, and provide a comprehensive final report on the candidate's conduct during the exam. This thorough review process ensures an unbiased assessment of each test-takers performance.
You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with seamless integration between YouTestMe and ProctorEdu, as we deliver a comprehensive solution that enhances exam security and simplifies your assessment workflow.
Online Examination Software, AI Proctoring, and Live Proctoring Service with Human Proctors
This package is the most secure solution that minimizes the chances of cheating to an absolute minimum, which is ideal for high-stake exams.

Live proctoring is a hybrid model that includes YouTestMe's formal human audit in addition to automated proctoring.

YouTestMe certified proctors are trained to handle all the test monitoring in a lawful manner and according to the client's wishes, which helps test owners feel more comfortable that the integrity of their test is protected. Proctors supervise the whole session in real-time, with the assistance of ProctorEdu's software. Therefore, proctors can intervene to rule out cheating behavior whenever a red flag is raised.
Bring YouTestMe and ProctorEdu to your environment
With seamless integration between YouTestMe and ProctorEdu, incorporating YouTestMe into your business processes can bring full automation and efficient information exchange among all parties involved.

YouTestMe supports many integration concepts and protocols meaning it can be integrated into any business environment and access the data from other services and systems (LMS, LRS, ERP, CRM, etc.).

Additionally, YouTestMe GetCertified can accommodate different business models due to its agile development, fast delivery, and the ability to create personalized features, modules, notifications, and reports. By reinforcing the branding of the knowledge assessment platform you can create a familiar, learner-centric experience for your candidates by using your logo, labels, and colors.

Benefits of YouTestMe Software

YouTestMe is trusted by 500+ institutions and ensures that their customers are heard, guided, and empowered to automate their knowledge examination processes.
  • Scalability
    YouTestMe software enables your business to expand without limitations. You can have an unlimited number of users, tests, and training courses on the YouTestMe platform.
  • Continuous Support: 24/7 multilingual customer support
    Including technical assistance, training materials, and documentation to help you navigate the application.
  • Custom development
    YouTestMe GetCertified is designed to accommodate various business models.
  • Effortless setup
    A simplified setup process without the hassle of repetitive configurations. Once the system is set up, it effortlessly runs itself.
  • YouTestMe has over 40 types of predefined reports and an indefinite number of custom-tailored reports generated using our Report Builder, while the delivery mode is completely automated and it may range from in-application notifications, and emails to paper reports.
  • Flexible pricing
    YouTestMe provides a budget-friendly solution that adapts to your requirements and aligns with your budget.

Our collaboration is a streamlined approach that saves time, reduces logistical complexities, and enables a scalable assessment process that can accommodate a large number of test takers allowing institutions and organizations to focus on other important tasks.

Unlike other solutions, YouTestMe and ProctorEdu work in harmony to address the full spectrum of your examination requirements. Whether it's organizing, administering, or monitoring exams, our integrated approach ensures comprehensive coverage and preserves the integrity of your assessment process.

Whether you opt for online examination software with AI proctoring, or the comprehensive package that includes record and review services, our collaboration offers a versatile platform tailored to meet your specific needs.

Ready to elevate your online assessment experience? Contact YouTestMe today to learn more about the GetCertified application and schedule a call.

Together, we can transform the way you assess knowledge and ensure the integrity of your online exams.

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