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Customizable solutions for your proctoring needs


10,0­­00+ ­­exams taken with ProctorEdu



In-house facial recognition and monitoring system to ensure secure online exams


Fully customizable solutions seamlessly integrating into your system

Guaranteed results

Easy setup, dedicated technical support to ensure your exams are conducted flawlessly


Conduct a proctored test in 4 easy steps

1. Integrate LMS 

ProctorEdu allows easy and quick incorporation into any learning management system

2. Schedule an exam

Using our automated calendar, pick the date that suits you best

3. Conduct the test

Our system verifies the identity of the test-taker and tracks behavior throughout the test

4. Get the report

Once the exam is completed, our system evaluates it and creates a report


Each session is automatically recorded and stored in the cloud, so you can re-watch the test to make certain that no dishonest actions took place.


Choose your plan

Fully automated

Our system follows the test-taker using 8 behavioral trackers and generates a credibility report once the exam is finished

  1. Screen-sharing
  2. Behavioral tracking 
  3. Credibility report 

Record & review

The system records the test throughout its entire duration, after which a certified proctor can re-watch it to confirm credibility

  1. Screen-sharing
  2. Behavioral tracking 
  3. Reviewer 

Live proctoring

Certified proctors supervise the test in real time, watching the test-taker's background and desktop to rule out cheating behavior

  1. Screen-sharing 
  2. Live proctor
  3. Video archiving 

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YouTestMe GetCertified is a web-based software that can be installed on a client's premises or on a cloud server, thus giving the client full control over the application. It features automated tests, surveys and an answer generator. Organizing questions into question pools, users into groups, customizable security roles. Certificate designer, automated issuing of a certificate, reporting system, and organizing training courses through steps enriched with multimedia content and tests. The integration with ProctorEdu allows you to conduct large-scale or remote examination without the need for hiring proctors.


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. ProctorEdu seamlessly integrates with the Moodle LMS. The integration enables administrators to manage all aspects of the test process without leaving the learning environment. If your institution is using Moodle, integration is available to you within 1 day.

MindScroll is a new age Learning Management System which enables small and mid-size businesses to create and sell online courses. MindScroll is a cloud hosted SaaS learning platform which can be set up in minutes without any technical expertise and need of any hardware or plugin. With its integrated course catalogue, proctoring solution from ProctorEdu, payment gateway, content delivery and assessment engine, MindScroll provides a robust learning solution for businesses and schools. ProctorEdu has partnered with MindScroll to ensure that your tests taken with the MindScroll LMS are secure and devoid of any cheating.


If you are using a different LMS, contact us for more detailed information. Regardless of complexity, integration is completed with 10 days with any learning management system out there. If your LMS is LTI-compliant (click here to see the list of LTI-compliant LMS), the integration process will be even faster. 


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