Proctoring Solutions for Language Certification

ProctorEdu — Automated Proctoring Solution to make language and TOEFL certifications more flexible, less stressful and available to any student around the world regardless of time zone or geographical distance.

Accessibility, Security and Flexibility
of Proctoring Software

ProctorEdu helps to conduct assessments remotely in a secure way which is convenient as an option for TOEFL and other language exams.

We strive to create the best online testing experience through delivering easy user interface in addition to monitoring both face and voice of examinee during assessments.

Our proctoring system can provide language assessment industry with high quality of online exam results and keep global standards in English-language assessment on a high level.

Our standarts

Accessibility of the exam and it's integrity are critical for both language assessment vendors and test-takers.
ProctorEdu is ready to deliver advanced online monitoring software with various proctoring modes without a need to download any additional apps.
The standards of proctoring match any existing global standards in language assessment, as the set of the tracked metrics can be fully customized.

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Institutions from all over the world

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Proctoring System Features

Our company's top priority is quality and trust in results, we can provide you with the best solutions on the market in the shortest possible time.
Smart behavior analytics
Automatic assessment of confidence in test results and biometric verification of identity.
Mobile support
Support on Android and iOS mobile devices.
Browser solution
No need to install any extensions, plug-ins, and
third-party software for test-takers.

Physiological Voice Detection
Special voice monitoring parameters for oral part of exams
Additional camera
Connect an additional mobile camera for the view of 360°.
Minimum network requirements
256 Kbit/s (100 MB/h) + automatic recovery after disconnection.

High number of applicants

ProctorEdu is absolutely scalable:
with 5,000+ confirmed concurrent sessions today the program doesn't have any limitations and we are ready to scale this number significantly.

Why is ProctorEdu unique?

Online proctoring service with user-experience in mind.
  • Innovation-driven
    We release the updates every month to improve experiences for test-takers.
  • Experience
    We have trained thousands of educators from all over the world to provide online assessments at ease and protect integrity in any setting.
  • Dedicated team
    We are happy to provide training sessions for your instructional designers and faculty to ensure smooth onboarding and readiness for a flawless online test delivery.
  • Flexibility
    We are always ready to support our clients in any troubles. We will offer a solution in case of the limited budget or issues with integration.
Solutions for Corporate Certification
Demand for more flexible methods of conducting assessments has increased from online exams to hiring and professional certifications.
ProctorEdu can optimize all the test strategies in a flexible, efficient and user-friendly way.
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Over 5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered