AI Proctoring Software

As a remote proctoring solution, ProctorEdu does not require an actual human proctor's presence.
Thanks to the AI-based features, it's extremely simple to proctor online exams, reducing the costs of the examination to the bare minimum.

How does AI proctoring work?

Our AI-based proctoring will serve you as a trained proctor during a virtual exam without invading the personal space of the test-takers.

Throughout the assessment, the adaptive software will automatically analyze the video stream from the student's webcam, screen and microphone to determine whether there was cheating or not.

The response time to cheating is normally several seconds, in order to exclude the chance of accidental movements or voices.

Your possibilities with AI proctoring

Enjoy a multisided approach to benefit every party involved in the assessment.
  • For organizers
    - Satisfy your business needs and reduce online assessment costs by using AI-based software instead of human proctors;

    - Increase the availability of the exam sessions to 24/7 to attract more applicants for your leading brand;

    - Be ready for certifications and virtual exam quality checks;

    - Satisfy the faculty's need to achieve critical academic integrity in a remote setting.
  • For faculty
    - Be sure of the academic integrity of the assessment with a proctoring tool;

    - Protect high-stakes exam content from being copied and passed along;

    - Analyze learning outcomes by reviewing the way students pass virtual exams;

    - Pay attention only to the important details when reviewing the exam sessions via smart video and PDF files.
  • For students
    - Decrease online assessment anxiety by avoiding interaction with human proctors;

    - Be sure of what the software is tracking by receiving smart notifications;

    - Offer online exams at any convenient time and date, avoiding long onboarding;

    - Leave comments or questions for further review by faculty and organizers in the exam chat.

What are the smart capabilities of the software?

Here are several technologies that we have adapted to ensure the academic integrity of the online assessments.
  • Facial recognition
    Robust platform for AI-based proctoring tracks the facial features of the test-taker to ensure that he or she is always present in front of the webcam.
  • Noise detection
    The system is microphone-compatible and records all the voices and noises to make sure that there is no one else in the room with the test-taker.
  • ID verification
    In a few seconds before the assessment test-taker takes the photo of the ID. Once the exam is started AI automatically detects that it is the same person who started the assessment
  • Web search detection
    The AI recognizes the screen activities and whenever the test-taker tries to access different tab, it tracks it as a violation.
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System features

To automate everything.
Fully automated
All stages of proctoring are designed for independent passage.
Video recording
Record webcam and screen to be able to view its in case of appeal.
Leverage test credibility scores and AI auto-inference.
Content protection
Protect relevant exam content from copying and sharing.
ID check automation
Verify the identity of the student and track them throughout the entire proctoring session.
Mobile camera
Connect a mobile camera for 360° view and smartphone lock.

Our benefits

  • Any devices
    Access for students to an exam session at any time and on any device, mobile phones and tablets included.
  • Customizable metrics
    Customizable proctored metrics with adjustable weights for your scenario.
  • Full-cycle analytics
    Full-cycle video and audio stream processing: recording, AI analysis, and storage.
  • No turnaround time
    A detailed report is ready for you right after the session.
  • Reliability and availability of AI proctoring
    99.95% of sessions with no downtime.

Choose the best proctoring mode
for your assessment

AI + Review
Communication with test-takers
during online assessments
Oral exams
Customizable session parameters
Student authentication
at the start & during a test
Video from web camera, screen
and (if required) mobile camera
Exam recordings and
detailed reports for each test-taker
Proctors required
Video and audio streams processing: AI analysis and storage
Without installation

Security Matters

AWS Storage 11-nines reliability
We maintain security at the infrastructure level by vetting each provider we use and ensure that every point of connection between providers is correctly initiated and consistently served.
GDPR Ready

Privacy notice: ProctorEdu handles data so that neither we nor anyone else can use it to harm the interests and rights of the end-users, such as the right to privacy.
Top Network security

We ensure network security by using the transmission TLS/1.3 (HTTPS) and DTLS (WebRTC). The connection itself is secure because symmetric cryptography is used to encrypt the data transmitted.
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— What about Live Proctoring?
— This is your choice. It depends whether your assessments require additional human control or communication with students. Live proctors monitor test-takers in real time and see alerts whenever a student asks for assistance or is suspected of cheating. There's no need for other video conferencing tools: proctors can connect with students via chat, audio or video and share their screen to guide a test-taker.

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