About Us

Making education accessible all over the world since 2016

We are ProctorEdu

And we are on the mission to make the education more accessible to the students from all over the world.
For our team proctoring is not just about the academic integrity. Online exams are here to change the field of education forever and we are exсited to be a part of this journey.

Meet our leaders

Behind the scenes innovators who work hard every day to pioneer the field of online education.

What is ProctorEdu?

ProctorEdu is an innovative proctoring software designed with an end-user in mind. Proctored online assessments have never been that similar to the offline ones keeping the flexibility and accessibility of the online testings with academic integrity and human touch of the offline exam.

At ProctorEdu we work hard to bring the educators back together with students in any setting. Stay connected and achieve your academic goals with your professors and peers online.

Who is ProctorEdu for?

By the end of the day the main heroes are our clients who lead the learning process. We are there to support their needs.
  • For institutions
    We use smart approach to calculate the benefits of the proctoring software for each institution.
  • For students
    We are focused on reducing the online exam anxiety by designing features that improve the students experience.
  • For Instructors
    We cover all the online exam scenarios and conduct extensive training to overcome the learning curve for the faculty.

Our key values

Focus - we organize processes in a way to prioritize our clients' needs and desires.
Value - we are on the mission to bring valuable results to all our clients via open communication and flexible terms.
Ambitions - we do not settle with what we have, our tech team is a true day-dreamers who work on the innovative features for our clients.
Learning - we never stop learning, we are attending the world-wide conferences to learn the best-practises that will create value for the team and the clients.
Over 2 million online exam proctoring session delivered.

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