Online Proctoring Software for Test Platforms

Online Proctoring Solution for Testing Platforms to make exam-taking process more flexible, less stressful and accessible to students around the world any time, at any place and on any device.

Conducting Remote Online Examinations for Online Testing Platforms

ProctorEdu can be seamlessly integrated into diverse testing platforms which makes it easy to partner and create unmatched value to the clients of any LMS.

Online test software paired with cost-effective proctoring service makes a perfect match to scale and fulfill the needs of the institutions with all-in-one solution.

Why is ProctorEdu a unique partner?

If you are on this page you have probably encountered the requests from your clients to add proctoring tool to your solution. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a partner for your trusted platform:
  • Seamless, fast and white-label integration
    ProctorEdu can be integrated with diverse testing platforms, including Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, Blackboard. For more detailed info click here.
  • Data storage choice
    Feel free to store the data of your clients on your own servers. We will provide all the necessary help and instructions to set everything up.
  • Two levels of partnership with different degrees of engagement
    We are open to building reliable partnerships with assessment platforms seeking for a proctoring solution. Let us support your growth.

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System features

Our company's top priority is quality and innovation in proctoring, we can provide you with the best solutions on the market in the shortest possible time.
Automatic assessment of confidence in test results and biometric verification of identity.
Multi-device support
Support on Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets.
White-label integration
Seamless integration with diverse testing platforms, works in the browser and does not require the installation of extensions, plug-ins and third-party software.
Video calling and recording
Communication with live proctor via video, audio and chat. Recording of webcam and screen to be able to view its in case of appeal.
Additional camera
Connect an additional mobile camera for the view of 360°and smartphone lock.
Fully automated
All stages of proctoring are designed for independent passage.
Solutions for Corporate Certification
Demand for more flexible methods of conducting assessments has increased from online exams to hiring and professional certifications.
ProctorEdu can optimize all the test strategies in a flexible, efficient and user-friendly way.
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Over 5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered