Professional Certification With Online Proctoring

ProctorEdu is ideal for organizations who are looking for a cost-effective and scalable solution. Secure credible professional certification via online proctoring solution and conduct fair remote assessments in your company with no effort.

Easy-To-Use, Secure And Flexible Online Proctoring Software

Conducting corporate exams with ProctorEdu presupposes numerous benefits for any organization:

1. It allows for valid results that can be relied on proctoring solution. So it can help hire indeed the most competent candidates and praise or promote the most knowledgeable employees

2. It does not require investing in special software, since solution is cost-effective and affordable even for small businesses

3. Proctored professional certification contributes into strengthening of relationships with stakeholders, who would be pleased to know that your organization certifies its human resources in the most credible and reliable way

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Features for unmatched testing experience

ProctorEdu provides organizations and institutions with a solution to secure online certification exams while maintaining full control over processes.
Smart behavior analytics
Automatic assessment of confidence in test results, biometric verification of identity.
Mobile support
Support on Android and iOS mobile devices.
Minimum network requirements
256 Kbit/s (100 MB/h) + automatic recovery after disconnection.

No downloads
No need to download anything on the test takers' computers.
Additional camera
Connect an additional mobile camera for the view of 360°.
Online monitoring of up to 30 participants simultaneously for each proctor.

How can proctored exams be valuable
in other areas?

Exclusive exam integrity features of proctoring software have been proven to be helpful at any type of the corporate online assessment.
  • HR training
    Create and customize your own HR training or build unique pre-employment assessments for new employees using our proctoring software.
  • Pre-employment assessment
    Authenticate your candidates easily without any additional scheduling with on demand proctoring on the any testing platform you use.
  • Higher Education
    Monitor your test-takers to make educational institutions process more productive and trusted anywhere and anytime.
Over 2 million online exam proctoring session delivered.