Exam Monitoring Software

ProctorEdu — online proctoring software to monitor and review exams. Strengthen exam integrity with digital monitoring.

How it works

We work hard every day to make exam monitoring easier and more efficient
Tracking system is based on the settings edited by the exam administrator to create a perfect match with a test scenario. Choose only the metrics that you actually need to track.
ProctorEdu provides online real-time monitoring of up to 5000+ test-takers. Software offers inbuild communication system to administer testing services smoothly.
In case of any suspicious behavior, system marks the session with red and yellow colors letting examiner know to which student to pay attention to.
Each violation is automatically recorded and presented in both video and pdf protocols. Exam administrator can add their own comments and notes to the incident and block participants' screen to ensure cheating-free environment.
Sessions can be deleted in the custom timeframe or stored for one year. Keep the historic data of the assessments to analyze and improve the students' outcomes.

Benefits of Exam Monitoring

Reduced cheating
Building more honest and competitive space for studying.
Diverse environment
Creating possibilities for remote students all over the world.
Secured reputation
Safeguarding not only exam integrity, but also reputation of your educational institution.

What are the smart capabilities of the software?

Here are several technologies that we have adapted to ensure the academic integrity of the online assessments.
Facial recognition
Robust platform for AI-based proctoring tracks the facial features of the test-taker to ensure that he or she is always present in front of the webcam.
Noise detection
The system is microphone-compatible and records all the voices and noises to make sure that there is no one else in the room with the test-taker.
ID verification
In a few seconds before the assessment test-taker takes the photo of the ID. Once the exam is started AI automatically detects that it is the same person who started the assessment with high accuracy.
Web search detection
The AI recognizes the screen activities and whenever the test-taker tries to access different tab, it tracks it as a violation.

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System features

To automate everything.
Fully automated
All stages of proctoring are designed for independent passage with no additional technical support.
Video recording
Record webcam and screen to be able to view its in case of appeal.
Leverage test credibility scores and AI auto-inference.
Content protection
Protect relevant exam content from copying and sharing.
ID check automation
Verify the identity of the student and track them throughout the entire proctoring session.
Mobile camera
Connect a mobile camera for 360° view and smartphone lock.

Security Matters

AWS Storage 11-nines reliability
We maintain security at the infrastructure level by vetting each provider we use and ensure that every point of connection between providers is correctly initiated and consistently served.
GDPR Ready

Privacy notice: ProctorEdu handles data so that neither we nor anyone else can use it to harm the interests and rights of the end-users, such as the right to privacy.
Top Network security

We ensure network security by using the transmission TLS/1.3 (HTTPS) and DTLS (WebRTC). The connection itself is secure because symmetric cryptography is used to encrypt the data transmitted.

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What is Exam Monitoring?
Exam Monitoring is a process of proctoring the exam. In online testing environment setting Exam Monitoring is conducted by AI proctoring software that automatically observes test-takers with video and audio monitoring throughout entire period of exams.
Is it possible to cheat when the exam is monitored?
Yes, it is possible, but really hard and typically requires in-depth technical knowledge from the student. We are constantly developing our proctoiring solution to avoid the most creative cheating scenarios and build trust between candidates and educators.
How does Exam Monitoring work?
Students connect their webcams, microphones and their mobile phone cameras to the software for the period of the examination. Test-taking process is not affected by that. System verifies the identity and detects the behavior of test-takers, tracks each violation online and records it automatically creating both video and pdf protocols as a result.