Case studies

University of Latvia

National Centre for Education Republic of Latvia

National Centre for Education (NCE) is a public administration institution directly subordinated to the Minister of Education and Science. Primary functions are to develop curriculum for pre-school, basic and general secondary education and vocational education. Also, to coordinate development of textbooks in accordance with national standards for general and vocational education and to coordinate interest-related education system and implement support activities for development of learners’ personalities and talents.


  • Due to the 2020 epidemic, many students were not able to attend the annual Olympics. As a result, it was decided to proceed with implementing proctoring solution. National Centre for Education recognized the need for a tool that allowed for participation of 2000 students at the online olympiad, allowed proctors from the University and partner institutions to monitor the event, apply AI to conduct the ID check.
  • The pain point for National Centre for Education has been the local requirement of the servers to be located in Europe. Which is why ProctorEdu was a perfect match, as our servers are located in Ireland. They also wanted a stable solution that could technically manage enough concurrent proctoring sessions. They were looking for a system with user-friendly interface and low technical requirements. It was important for the university to be able to connect a second video stream from a mobile camera to monitor a student's workplace.


  • They soon realized the advantages of ProctorEdu and its unique ability to collaborate, increase academic rigour and provide stable tests with low technical requirements.

  • guarantee proved stability,
  • support smartphone camera connection
  • provide load scaling (cloud version with 5000 online participants)

After a demonstration of the ProctorEdu solution, the National Centre for Education concluded that it meets all the requirements and fully covers the existing issues.

Within a few weeks ProctorEdu implementation at NCE was underway for spring semester 2021.


  • The integration process took around a few weeks, during which time our technical team provided support. Even those teachers who are admittedly not tech-savvy found ProctorEdu easy to learn and use. There were few problems during the implementation process. Any questions that arose were answered by contacting technical support or following the instructions.


  • The integrated IT solution (Moodle testing system and ProctorEdu proctoring system) enabled the automation of testing, collection of participants' work and analysis of results, as well as reliable monitoring of the Olympiad.
  • ProctorEdu's proctoring system performed perfectly: real-time monitoring of the simultaneous testing of more than a thousand students and storage of all monitoring results for later analysis and reliable conclusions on each participant's compliance with the test rules.
  • Less than 5% of the students required assistance during the event.