according to the rules of semantic versioning
  • Added the ability to download several PDF reports at once through the admin panel.
  • Added display of user profile creation time.
  • Translations into French, Latvian and Chinese are added.
  • Fixed the problem of saving the incomplete last minute
  • Fixed a bug in the absence of support for LTI Outcome Service.
  • The interface for a separate computer scan is integrated into the system, accessible at the address "/ api / check" and configured via templates.
  • A video conferencing interface has been added for proctors to communicate with each other regardless of sessions.
  • Added "paused" status for sessions that have not been updated for more than 2 minutes.
  • Added the ability for the administrator to log in as another user without a password.
  • Added the ability to open the protocol without authorization when the option "addons" > "shared" is enabled.
  • Added option "addons" > "lock" to lock the screen in case of violations.
  • Incident mode can no longer be removed by closing the chat, you need to write a message in the chat in normal mode.
  • Fixed reuse of LTI data.
  • Session duration now includes only those minutes for which data is stored in the proctoring system.
  • Added information about the time of issuing a conclusion or completion of a session by a proctor. A proctor can issue a positive or negative conclusion only once, only the administrator can change it later.
  • Added option "upload" to disable the function of downloading files in the chat for participants.
  • The error of calculating the used memory and processor for a cluster configuration has been fixed.
  • Fixed error when recording video from a mobile camera.
  • Added a parameter for tracking the presence of the required browser functions during the session "b1" (old indicators are shifted "b2" -> "b3", "b1" -> "b2").
  • Added support for horizontal scaling of the application server.
  • The problem of increased processor load in the proctor interfaces has been fixed.
  • It is forbidden to end or evaluate a session without comment.
  • Added support for Electron.
  • Added option "addons" > "mobile" to allow or restrict the use of mobile devices for proctoring.
  • Added protection against opening DevTools.
  • Added video chat viewing interface with the ability to download it.
  • Added multi-line chat messages.
  • Added preview video on timeline on mouseover.
  • A message was added for the participant at the end of the session in the interface with IFRAME.
  • Fixed bug when using regular expressions in search queries.
  • Now, when distributing proctors, sessions are first assigned to more free proctors.
  • Added the ability to add several participants or invitations separated by commas in the admin panel.
  • The transition to a new format of video recordings of sessions without WebRTC has been completed, support for playing back recordings of the old format is preserved.
  • Online video surveillance is now carried out using P2P technology.
  • The administrator can now delete completed sessions with processing status.
  • Video recordings in the protocol are now available immediately after the session ends, no need to wait for the processing to complete.
  • Information about violations in the proctor interface is now updated in real time in synchronization with participant notifications.
  • Added statistics on the use of the processor and RAM in the admin interface.
  • The "threshold" field has been added to the session parameters, which allows you to specify the threshold value of the confidence assessment for notifications to participants and setting automatic conclusion.
  • Renamed the confidence rating field "evaluation" to "score".
  • Added time zone setting for display in PDF protocols.
  • The verify and unique add-ons are no longer used. To enable face entry for a participant, you need to enable the "secure" profile option, verification will be performed at the stage of manual face photographing.
  • The "lock" add-on is no longer used, instead of completely blocking the test, two-level notifications are now applied in case of violations (10 sec - orange, 60 sec - red).
  • Fixed the error in determining the screen capture area at a certain specific aspect ratio.
  • In the "chats" collection, the "timestamp" field has been renamed to "createdAt".
  • Migrated to S3-compatible data warehouse.
  • The option of entering by face (profile field "secure") has been added, which requires a photo of the face and compares it with the profile of this user when entering the system, reloading the page and issuing a proctor's opinion.
  • The user profile field "active" is replaced by the reverse "locked".
  • The problem with determining the start of a parallel session in IFRAME has been fixed.
  • Added saving the current page number after updating the table in the admin panel.
  • The system server no longer requires Redis Server.
  • Added an indication of errors that may occur in a participant's session at the preliminary stages, or when transferring results via API.
  • The set of conventions for sessions has been expanded both in the admin interface and in the proctor interface. Added indication of errors, incidents and proctor opinions. In the proctor interface, the statuses are indicated by different icons, and the confidence rating is numbered from 0 to 9+ on a ten-point scale.
  • A timer has been added at the preliminary stages of the participant, which shows how much time is left to go through these stages (depends on the value of the "deadline" field). Completed and missed sessions cannot be continued without extending the "deadline" by the administrator.
  • The assessment of verification of personality as a separate parameter of the session has been removed, since indicators c4 and c5, which are included in the assessment of trust, are sufficient for verification of personality. Now, as a measure of identity verification, a reconciliation of a photograph of a person and a document is used, which is displayed in the user's profile.
  • The background execution period for the automatic session termination task has been reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Fixed error starting video recording of a mobile camera.
  • Fixed the problem of changing weights through the admin panel.
  • Added SDK functions: lookup () and token ().
  • Added verification of an identity document at the stage of photographing it. For the successful completion of the stage, you need to make a high-quality photo of the passport in which there is a photo and a machine-readable strip at the bottom (or a series and number of a passport of the Russian Federation without a strip). If the quality of the image is insufficient, then instead of photographing, you can download a scan of such a document.
  • Re-trained the classifier of persons on new data, which increases the accuracy of detection of persons in glasses and persons of different nationalities.
  • Added redirecting the participant to the original page specified in the "referer" field when the session ends with the proctor.
  • The problem of autoplay video when updating a page in the protocol and monitoring interface has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the timeline of the PDF report.
  • Fixed the problem of the lack of a video screen in case access is canceled the first time you enter the session.
  • Renamed the option "idcard" → "passport" in the "addons" field.
  • Added a counter of incidents in the session that the proctor can leave in the chat.
  • Added the ability for the administrator to exclude individual profiles from accounting similar in case of recognition errors.
  • Added forwarding of SDK events to IFRAME.
  • Added the ability to open the protocol by reference when the session is started, but not yet completed.
  • Added session termination on the side of participants in case of its automatic completion by "deadline".
  • Fixed the problem of loading the list of sessions in the proctor monitoring interface when the number of sessions is more than 100 per proctor.
  • Fixed the problem of displaying a list of similar profiles.
  • Fixed the search problem by the "createdAt" field.
  • Returned indicator c5 (similar profiles) in the assessment of confidence.
  • At the equipment verification stage, a time limit was added for issuing access to the camera, microphone and screen.
  • Added a background in the modal dialogs of the SDK so that no content is visible behind the window.
  • Added function to load a scan of an identity document.
  • Search queries in the admin interface are now saved after the page is refreshed.
  • Changes have been made to the voice detection algorithm.
  • The user profile fields "age", "gender", "custom" are replaced with one field "labels []".
  • Added the "track" option in the "addons" field, in the absence of which tracking of indicators in the session does not start.
  • Added the "record" option in the "addons" field, in the absence of which the session is not recorded.
  • Added opening protocol in a new tab in the admin interface while holding Ctrl.
  • Added the ability to control familiarization with the rules of the event, for example, to require the participant to fully watch the video.
  • Added the function of sending important messages that are highlighted in red in the chat and block the participant from accessing the test while the chat is open.
  • The default search query is no longer listed in the list of administrator sessions.
  • Added the ability to change session parameters by calling the "init ()" function in the SDK again. If the session parameter is set to "null", then the value will be pulled from the template.
  • The repeated call of the functions "init ()" or "start ()" now leads to a restart of the session with new parameters.
  • In IFRAME mode, you can now send the JWT to postMessage to restart the session with the new parameters. Renamed the config parameter "ui.startevent" -> "ui.withoutstart".
  • Added request parameter "format = pdf" to generate a link to the protocol in PDF format.
  • An expanded syntax for search queries has been added, allowing you to search for specific fields and formulate composite search terms. The following operators are supported:>, <,> =, <=, =,! =, ~, ~ *, (), &, |, "", ''. In the proctor and administrator interface, the date filter is replaced with a search expression.
  • Renamed session fields "startDate" -> "startedAt", "stopDate" -> "stoppedAt", "provider" -> "integrator", "ua.browser" -> "browser", "ua.os" -> "os "," ua.platform "->" platform ".
  • The proctor may issue an opinion for sessions opened by reference, even if not a participant. At the same time, information about the proctor is stored in the session.
  • Added waiting for a socket connection to be established before the session starts, to avoid possible problems in case of slow connections.
  • When recalculating the assessment in case of changing session parameters, the conclusion on the session, set automatically, is now also recounted.
  • The administrator can now complete and submit conclusions to any sessions without the need to add himself to the participants of this session.
  • Separate export of average values in the session is returned in the "averages" field instead of the "mean" array.
  • If there is no data per session or a session lasting less than 1 minute, then the confidence rating is set to zero.
  • A single check of supported browser versions has been implemented without customization. If you use an unsupported version, you can disable browser checking for the entire system in the "uncheck.browser" config parameter.
  • The definition of the mobile version of the browser in the "PC Version" mode has been fixed.
  • The "mobile" session option has been removed, now to enable the system to start on mobile, you need to disable the "s1" and "s2" metrics, or disable the screen check for the entire system in the "uncheck.screen" config parameter.
  • The "video" session option has been removed, now you can disable video recording and broadcasting in the config separately for the camera ("webcam.quiet") and the screen ("screen.quiet").
  • The report file is now immediately downloaded with the name "<SESSION_ID> .pdf" when you click the "PDF" button.
  • Minor fixes have been made to interface localization.
  • The timeline of the protocol is reduced in height, the messages, marks with a photograph of a person, notes of a proctor are combined in one line.
  • Added a tutorial with visualization of all violations in real time.
  • The automatic display of the QR code is disabled in case of detecting problems with the connection of the mobile camera. Instead, a button is displayed along with a notification to open the QR code.
  • Only those proctors that are indicated in the session participants can now set a conclusion and end a session.
  • The P2P video communication module has been improved, the connection problem has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with checking the microphone volume.
  • Fixed the problem of opening the page in IFRAME when the "ui.startevent" setting is enabled.
  • Added support for the GET method for authorization by the "plain" provider, now you can create links for sessions in open form without tokens.
  • The c5 metric is removed (a similar profile is found), the option of checking the profile at the stage of manual photographing is added instead.
  • Added a session option "unique" to "addons []" for checking similar profiles at the manual photographing stage.
  • The "screen" option has been removed from "addons []", now you can disable screen capture only at the config level.
  • Renamed "addons []" options: broadcast -> video, safeguard -> verify, preventive -> lock, protection -> content.
  • To implement the session mechanism, tokens are now used instead of cookies, which avoids problems when blocking cross-domain cookies.
  • Added recalculation of confidence estimates when changing weights.
  • Added display of metrics in interfaces taking into account weights.
  • In the student's interface, the list of sessions was deleted, which included the ability to select a session from several and display past sessions. Now, in the case when the session ID is not specified, the system will search for the first time-incomplete session for the current user and immediately start it.
  • The schedule table has been deleted in the proctor interface, now the observation interface immediately opens, and the list of sessions is in the left pane.
  • The default settings are replaced with session templates. Unlike the default settings, templates can be created different for different sessions, grouped by some attribute (template identifier). To do this, a new session field "template" was added, which can be set through integration.
  • The session field "avg" (object) has been replaced by "mean" (array), the order and number of values is the same as the "metrics" field.
  • The "cookie" -> "session" config field has been renamed, the "session.expires" option has been added.
  • Fixed the problem of creating duplicate background tasks on the first start in cluster mode.
  • Added tracking of mobile camera shutdown ("n2" metric) and display of QR code for its reconnection.
  • The mobile camera connection stage is now indicated by "qrcode" instead of "mobile".
  • The "mobile" option now defines the resolution for use on mobile devices (not linked to the mobile camera).
  • The automatic conclusion is now positive if the confidence rating is greater than 0 and negative if it is equal to 0 (the threshold is still being set) . The automatic evaluation is enabled by adding the "auto" option.
  • Notifications are now displayed whenever the "preview" option is specified. The "notification" option is no longer supported.
  • It is now possible to specify the priority of metrics by arranging it in the required order, the earlier the metrics are specified, the higher its priority is. The priority of the metric affects the order of displaying notifications to the user.
  • Weights are added for metrics. The confidence score is calculated using the formula
  • To check the network, access to the camera and microphone is no longer required.
  • Checked system operation in Microsoft Edge Beta.
  • Added a user rating based on the proctor ratings according to the formula R = (R + С) / 2, where R ∈ [0, 100] is the user rating, С is the proctor's conclusion (0 is negative, 100 is positive).
  • Added blocking the previous page when opening the same session in another browser.
  • Added a ban on deleting your account for administrators.
  • Added lazy loading of images in chat.
  • Fixed the problem of displaying QR code in Firefox (scroll appeared).
  • Fixed the problem of logging out when reopening a proctoring in IFRAME when integrating with Moodle.
  • In the SDK init() function, preliminary steps are added to the function before starting the session itself, so you can spread the moment of starting the steps and starting the monitoring.
  • At the stage of manual saving of a photo of a face on the client, preliminary processing of photos was added, which allowed to reduce the size of the saved file by 2-3 times.
  • The list of necessary checks on the equipment check page is now formed automatically based on the list of selected session metrics. The browser, camera, microphone and network add-ons are no longer used.
  • Added support for saving minute video clips for chat events and adding them to screenshots. This is part of the functionality of the future version of the system.
  • Asynchronous saving of chat attachments is implemented, the message itself is saved first, and then attachments are loaded. This is necessary when saving large attachments (videos).
  • Added search in the admin by properties Browser, OS, IP.
  • Voice detector was updated: frequency filtration outside the range of 300-3000 Hz was added, the problem of m1 detection at hardware noise reduction was fixed.
  • The SDK init() function now allows you to transfer functions and routines in fields.
  • The following fields have been renamed: iframeUrl -> url, rulesUrl -> rules, apiUrl -> api, logoutUrl -> referer.
  • Integration with Moodle is simplified due to the use of user groups and default parameters, now there is no need to specify additional parameters (a link to the test, participants, deadline and timeout).
  • The SDK and LTI integration instructions have been updated.
  • In FAQ added instructions to disable notifications on smartphones.
  • Added an API to retrieve data from similar profiles.
  • The Classifier for Face Detection on the client has been updated, now it is necessary to better identify faces with side illumination, low illumination and higher angles of inclination or head rotation.
  • In FF, selecting a part of the screen is now correctly prohibited, as it used to work only in Chrome.
  • Fixed the problem of erroneously saving a photo of a document as a face photo.
  • Starting tracking b1 now starts only after the first focus on the page after the screen selection dialog, this should solve the problem of b1 error when the screen is widened at the beginning of the session.
  • Added a warning when saving the default settings.
  • Added API to get similar profiles.
  • Fixed problem of b2 malfunctioning in full screen mode under Windows Chrome.
  • Session statuses have been renamed for better communication with the names of SDK functions: idle -> created, active -> started, ended -> stopped.
  • The field fullname -> nickname was renamed. The firstname, lastname and middlename fields are no longer used, but instead a single nickname field should be used.
  • The P2P video communication module is added to the SDK.
  • Tracking of the parameters is now started only after the start of the broadcast, which reduces the number of false positives b1, c1 and s1 at the beginning of the session.
  • A session is now started when the mobile camera is connected only when the mobile camera broadcast is successfully started, so you can avoid the possibility of starting a session without video from the mobile camera.
  • Added user groups. Each user can be included in one group. This group can be added to the session participants and all users of this group will automatically become members of the session.
  • The basic version of the system with integration via IFRAME is implemented using the SDK. The SDK is now used in both versions of the integration to unify the approach and reduce support costs.
  • The session card has a separate field for specifying the student ID in the session. Session participants can now only add projectors or group names. In the Session Schedule table, only the student's name is now displayed instead of the list of participants.
  • Added displaying a photo of the student when you hover over the verification percentage in the session schedule table.
  • Added the Finish button for students in the IFRAME version.
  • Added default deadline setting when timeout is specified.
  • Added a restriction on the entry of a second student if there are several students in one session.
  • Removed a line with a link at the stage of connecting a mobile camera to the SDK, left only a QR code.
  • Proctor is allowed to open any protocol by reference, and not only those in which he is a participant. The proctor's surveillance list still shows only those sessions, in which he is a participant.
  • The default settings for the voice detector have been changed to better detect the low volume of the microphone in muted noise reduction mode.
  • Fixed the problem with finding similar faces.
  • Added SDK branding.
  • Added default settings, which is used for all newly created sessions and users. Only the administrator can control the setting in the user profile and session card dialogs.
  • Preventive content blocking has been added, which blocks access to content in case of violations (the principle of operation as with notifications).
  • Fixed a bug in connecting a mobile camera for a user without an authorization provider.
  • Migrated to HTTP / 2.
  • Proctor assignment function transferred to session properties in the format of invitations, proctor groups deleted.
  • It is forbidden to delete background tasks.
  • In the main interface, at the stage of checking the equipment, the settings dialog was removed for the student.
  • Updated style of broadcast control buttons for proctor.
  • Echo cancellation is enabled in video mode.
  • Added event alignment by minutes when saving (rounding down to the minute)
  • Fixed the error of incorrect calculation of the metric "n1" when connecting a mobile camera.
  • Fixed a problem with an erroneous restart of a stopped broadcast.
  • The problem of incorrect opening of the protocol when selecting several ongoing sessions with a "Shift" in the proctor monitoring interface has been fixed.
  • The algorithm for detecting violations and alerts has been redesigned, now the data is updated every 10 seconds, instead of a minute interval.
  • Changes have been made to the focus, sound and screen detection algorithms that allow not taking into account data for the first 30 seconds, which should reduce interference in the indicators at the first minute of the session.
  • Updated wording for violation notifications.
  • In the version with IFRAME notifications are made as in the SDK, next to the preview.
  • Renamed metrics "b4"->"s1", "b3"->"s2".
  • Added automatic shutdown of indicators "b2", "s1" and "s2" in the mobile version, because they don't work there.
  • The algorithm for determining the connection of the second monitor (indicator "s2") has been improved, now all cases of screen capture problems are detected if the captured area does not match the actual screen size.
  • At the equipment verification stage, the following checks were added: (1) whether the browser window is expanded to full screen, (2) the correctness of the selected capture area and the connection of an additional monitor.
  • In case of an error at the equipment verification stage, a recheck is started from the place of the error, and not anew.
  • Integration with Moodle by LTI has been improved, now the results are correctly transferred to Moodle after the session and test are completed.
  • It is allowed to open protocols before processing is completed, however, a processing indicator has been added to the protocols themselves.
  • Updated violation icons in the proctor surveillance interface.
  • The problem with displaying the checkbox in the SDK interface of the rules for holding an event on Android 8+ has been fixed.
  • Fixed problem with passing results via API if the attachment list is empty.
  • Fixed a problem with the notification lag in the preview when scrolling the page.
  • Fixed the problem with the appointment of proctors through groups with random distribution.