Regulations for technical and consulting support

the latest update from July 10, 2020
OOO "Proctor" (hereinafter - the Rightholder) is obliged to grant the authorized representative of the Organization technical and consultative support during the usage of ProctorEdu (hereinafter - the Program) according to the rules described in this document.

The copyright holder provides technical and consulting support by:
  • consultation on setting up and using the Program, if this information is not reflected in the instructions for users of the Program;
  • consultations during the diagnosis of faults that occur in the Program;
  • development of decisions on elimination of the revealed faults in the Program;
  • consultations of the authorized representative of the Organization when carrying out works aimed at eliminating detected faults in the Program;
  • troubleshooting identified problems in the Program.
The copyright holder reserves the right not to comply with the Rules if the Organization:
  • overdue payment under the agreement with the copyright Holder;
  • uses the Program as part of a free rating plan;
  • is deliberately trying to disrupt the functioning of the Program;
  • does not follow the incident registration steps described in the "Incident registration" section of this document.
The copyright holder reserves the right to change and supplement the Rules for providing technical and informational support.

Incident registration
If your Organization is having difficulties working with the Program, follow these steps:
  • read the instructions for users of the Program and search for a solution in the FAQ (instructions are published on our website;
  • make sure that the device from which you access the Program has Internet access;
  • make sure that you are using the browser recommended in the instructions;
  • try replicating the problem in a different browser or on a different computer;
  • report a problem in the technical support dashboard at
If the technical support account does not allow you to register an incident, you can send an email to:
Each request is registered by a specialist of the copyright Holder's support service and reviewed within 24 hours (except for non-working days). When contacting the technical support service of the copyright Holder, the authorized specialist of the Organization must:
  • provide information about the detected problem (address of the proctoring server, description of the problem, time of detection, session data and user ID; provide a screenshot showing the problem);
  • if necessary, provide additional materials required to resolve the incident, which may be requested by the technical support engineer.
If the requester does not provide the necessary information to resolve the incident, the copyright Holder's support service specialist may request additional information and suspend the request until the requested information is received. If critical faults that lead to the inability to operate the system are detected, the technical specialist of the copyright Holder provides a solution within 8 working hours from the moment of application. The solution may consist in:
  • sending the requested information about the system operation;
  • notifying of a solution to the problem described in the request;
  • sending a list of measures and a schedule for solving the problem.
Support service working hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Moscow time on weekdays.

Preventive work
The copyright holder reserves the right to perform preventive maintenance on the service, making it inaccessible (or partially inaccessible) to the Organization.
The copyright holder undertakes to notify the Organization at least 1 week in advance of such work.
The copyright holder undertakes not to schedule preventive work from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Moscow time.
The copyright holder undertakes not to organize preventive work lasting more than four hours.

Clarification of terms used in the document
Organization – a legal entity that has signed an agreement with the copyright Holder providing for the use of the Program.
An incident – any problem that prevents an Organization from using the functionality of the Program.