A-G Courses - Definition & Meaning

A-G courses refer to a specific set of high school courses that have been approved by the University of California (UC) system as meeting their subject requirements for undergraduate admission. These courses are part of the "a-g" subject area pattern, and students are required to complete them with satisfactory grades to be eligible for admission to UC campuses.

The A-G course pattern includes seven subject areas:

  • History/Social Science (A)
  • English (B)
  • Mathematics (C)
  • Laboratory Science (D)
  • Language Other Than English (E)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (F)
  • College-Preparatory Electives (G)
To be eligible for UC admission, students must complete a specific number of courses in each of these subject areas, earning a grade of C or better. The completion of A-G courses demonstrates that a student has undertaken a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum.

A-G course requirements are used not only by the UC system but also by other colleges and universities in California and beyond to assess the readiness of high school graduates for college-level work.

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