Minor - Definition & Meaning

In the context of education, a minor refers to a secondary field of study that students can choose alongside their primary or major area of study. A minor allows students to explore additional academic interests or gain knowledge in a complementary discipline, enhancing their educational experience and broadening their skill set.

While the specific requirements and options for minors may vary between educational institutions, they typically consist of a set of courses or credits focused on a particular subject area. Minors are often designed to be completed within the same timeframe as the major program, but with fewer credit requirements. For example, a student majoring in Biology may choose to minor in Chemistry to expand their understanding of related scientific concepts.

Minors offer students the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary studies, develop additional expertise, or explore a passion alongside their primary field of study. They can provide a well-rounded education and demonstrate a diverse skill set to potential employers or graduate programs.

Choosing a minor allows students to tailor their educational journey according to their interests, career goals, or personal aspirations. It can enhance job prospects by adding a complementary area of specialization or provide a foundation for further study in a specific field.

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