Norm-Referenced Test - Definition & Meaning

A norm-referenced test is an assessment that compares an individual's performance to a norm or average performance of a group of test takers. The purpose of a norm-referenced test is to determine how an individual's performance compares to that of others who have taken the same test.

Norm-referenced tests are designed to rank individuals on a continuum, indicating their relative standing compared to the norm group. They provide information about an individual's performance in relation to a representative sample of test takers and can be used to make comparisons, such as percentile ranks or stanines.

These tests are often used in educational settings for purposes such as admissions, educational placement, or identifying gifted or talented students. They can also provide valuable information about the effectiveness of educational programs or interventions by comparing the performance of different groups.

It is important to note that norm-referenced tests focus on relative performance and do not provide an absolute measure of knowledge or skills. They are designed to provide a snapshot of how an individual compares to others within the norm group.

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