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VideoTile Learning LTD

VideoTile Learning LTD (UK

VideoTile Learning is an industry-leading e-learning and online video production company that creates interactive, video-based e-learning courses for training professionals. Throughout the 80s and 90s and early 2000s, the company produced documentary-style programmes for the ITV network and large corporate organisations in the UK and USA. In 1997, in association with Californian internet specialists, WareNet, the company developed the concept of embedding video content into a web page so it appeared to be functioning as part of a much larger canvas. From the early 2000s, the company acquired an increasing level of expertise in the converging technologies of computer programming, animated graphics and video – a range of platforms that became known as ‘New Media’.

VideoTile quickly became the most experienced company in the UK, specialising in presenter-led, web video content.

Approximately 600-800 students take the test at the end of each course, each exam usually takes about 30 minutes. With their former provider roughly 50% of test-takers experienced downtime. The main aim of VideoTile Learning was to provide the test-takers with continuous and stable access to the tests, no matter what device they have and where they are.

VideoTile Learning contacted ProctorEdu on March 30, 2021. After a productive online meeting and an introduction to our software, it was clear that with our proctoring system fits perfectly as there is no need in installation or downloads, since ProctorEdu is a browser solution. An additional convenience for the company was Access for students to an exam session at any time and on any device, mobile phones and tablets included and low internet bandwidth requirement (256 kbits).

As early as June 2021, VideoTile Learning began its first tests with our proctoring system.

The most convenient integration option for VideoTile is SDK integration, which consists in connecting to the test page a special JS library that contains functions for managing the proctoring session. Our team created a manual for VideoTile, which was easily applied by them and the implementation process was smooth.

The 6 000 hours of testing have been conducted with no requests for tech support

During the years of our cooperation, the ProctorEdu team has proven to be a responsible partner, promptly providing support on all issues and fulfilling all of its obligations.