Case studies

VideoTile Learning LTD

VideoTile Learning is an e-learning and online video production company that creates interactive, video-based e-learning courses for training professionals. The company evolved from the world of corporate film and broadcast television dating back to 1979. Located in Altham, Great Britain. 

Task: Provide the test-takers with continuous and stable access to the tests, no matter what device they have and where they are 
Volume: 3000 hours of tests
Our advantages: no installations or downloads, mobile support, low internet bandwidth requirement (256 kbits) 
Result: 3000+ hours of tests with no requests for tech support 

  • Как принимали решение об использовании Proctoredu / Какую потребность требовалось решить
  • Как проходил процесс реализации
  • Какие задачи решает Proctoredu в данном конкретном случае