What is automated proctoring?

Automated proctoring is a modern form of exam invigilation highly popular in the field of online learning. It makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in order to monitor students’ performance and behavior while taking exams and look for any signs of cheating or suspicious behavior.
Traditionally, exams are carried involve manual proctoring. This is where physical human proctors are in the exam room with the students to keep an eye on them. With automated proctoring, there's no need for a human proctor or traditional exam administrator, at all.
Auto proctoring involves the use of advanced algorithms, as well as screen-sharing and audio-video feeds of each student, to prevent violation of the rules. Not only is it a strong method for deterring cheating, but it also offers more flexibility for educational institutions worldwide.

How auto proctoring works?

In a traditional face-to-face exam session, students sit down in an exam hall or study room of some kind. One or more human monitors or invigilators are present in the same room, and it's their responsibility to carry out exam supervision and look for signs of cheating.
Automated proctoring works very differently, with auto proctoring, exams occur in almost any location, as long as the student has access to a computer and internet connection. They carry out the exam on their device, with the auto proctoring system monitoring them.
Auto proctoring uses AI technology and algorithms to look for signs of any cheating or unwanted behavior from each student. It tracks their movements using webcam and microphone feeds, as well as screen sharing.
With this combination of feeds and technologies, auto proctoring solutions can detect any signs of suspicious behavior. If something strange is detected, the system logs it, and a human instructor can review all of the logged files later on to confirm or deny the suspicious behavior.

Advantages of fully automated proctoring

Automated proctoring offers a wide range of benefits over traditional invigilation. These benefits are felt by both students and institutions. Here are just some of the biggest advantages of auto proctoring exams:

  1. Preserving Academic Integrity - One of the key benefits of auto proctoring is the fact that it's a highly-advanced way of tracking cheating. It’s also effective at discouraging students from even attempting to cheat. AI live proctoring systems can catch things that human invigilators may miss.
  2. Flexibility for Students - In a traditional exam, students need to be in a set location at a set time to take the exam. With auto proctoring, it's possible for students to take exams from the comfort of their own homes or other settings, at times that work for them.
  3. Flexibility for Institutions - Institutions can also enjoy extra flexibility when using automated proctoring. With this system, there's no need for institutions to spend time and energy setting up physical exams, as everything is done online.
  4. Freedom for Invigilators - Traditional exam supervision can be long and tedious work, involving sitting in the same room for hours on end. With online proctoring, invigilators are free to focus their energy on other activities and only review flagged moments or suspicious entries, captured by the AI.
  5. Less Stress - Many students feel stress and anxiety in the build-up to big exams. This can affect their performance, grades, and future lives. Automated proctoring eases the pressure on students and makes it easier for them to focus and do their best work.
  6. Cost-Effective - Remote proctoring is a very cost-effective method of arranging and invigilating exams, too. With this method, all you have to pay for is the software itself; there’s no need to worry about exam room costs or wages for multiple proctors.
  7. Simple Set-Up - Another big benefit of using an auto proctoring solution is the fact that it’s very simple to get started. The best remote proctoring apps and solutions are easy to set up and shouldn’t cause any confusion or other issues.

Types of actions that can get flagged during an automated proctoring

So, what sorts of things can an exam proctoring solution detect and log? Well, these advanced solutions are able to identify almost any evidence of any untoward activity during the exam, including:

  • Identity Verification - Auto proctoring systems ensure that the right student is taking each exam.
  • Eye Contact - Webcam tracking checks to see that the student keeps eye contact with the screen, rather than looking elsewhere at books, notes, or messages.
  • Communication - Audio capture via a connected microphone check to see whether or not the student talks to anyone else during the exam.
  • Presence of Others - The webcam feed is monitored to look for any other people walking in or out of the room.
  • Presence of Student - The system also checks that the student remains in view and in their seat for the duration of the exam.
  • Activity - Through screen-sharing, it's possible for the automated proctoring solution to also check that the student doesn't visit other web pages during the exam.

If any suspicious signs are detected, the system will log them all and then alert the instructor at the end. The instructor can review the logged moments to see if any additional action is necessary.

Organizations that can benefit from auto proctoring

As we can see, automated proctoring offers a wide range of benefits. By putting invigilation into the hands of advanced AI and algorithms, it's possible to make exams safer, more cost-effective, less stressful for all, and more efficient, too.
These benefits are felt by a myriad of institutions and organizations across the world. Here are some of the key groups benefitting from auto proctoring on a regular basis:

Colleges and universities

Examinations are an integral part of college and university life. However, it can be tricky for these institutions to arrange and carry out exams, and college students may have hectic lifestyles that lead to missed exams or late arrivals. Auto proctoring simplifies the process for all concerned, easing the pressures on both students and college staff.

Professional and trade associations, licensing bodies

Many professional associations need to carry out certifications and tests but are hesitant to do so, because of the costs and efforts involved. Automated proctoring provides the flexibility these associations need to conduct examinations remotely and in the most cost-effective ways possible.

Corporate training, HR and recruiting

Big businesses also need to carry out training and examinations of new recruits or high-level staff members from time to time, but they may have individuals working remotely or find it hard to set up exams. Auto proctoring can ease the burden on HR teams to maximize training efficiency and optimize the recruitment process.

Government and municipalities

Government and municipal entities also need to carry out exams and certification, but often work with strict time and budgetary constraints. Fully automated proctoring provides the versatility and ease of use these entities need to set up exams and ensure that the rules are not being broken.


Can proctored exams detect phones?

Yes, the best auto proctoring solutions are able to detect the presence and usage of phones by test-takers. They use audio-video monitoring via webcam and microphone. This makes it easy to see if the student is looking away from the screen at another device or if a call is being made.

Are proctored exams recorded?

Yes, the exam session will be recorded and key moments will be logged so that invigilators and instructors can review them later on. This is done to reduce the risk of any cheating or other untoward activity.

Can they see you on a proctored exam?

Yes, auto proctoring systems connect with the test-taker’s device, including a webcam and microphone, to keep track of the test-taker during the exam session. This allows the system to see if the test-taker leaves the room, looks away from the screen, and so on.

How do you get past a proctored exam?

Auto proctoring is one of the strongest and most secure proctoring methods available today. It uses a variety of technologies to monitor student performance and behavior, making it very hard for any student to cheat or trick the system.