Signature Verification

Impersonation is one of the most common ways of cheating on an online exam. In this case, a student asks someone else to take an exam on their behalf in an examination session. Multi-factor and biometric authentication make this type of dishonesty more difficult. However, connecting a person's biological identity with their virtual identity is still a challenge.

Signature is a traditional and convenient method of authentication. We sign contracts, transactions, attendance sheets, and exams. Nevertheless, millions of signatures on these digital documents are forged annually. Checking the authenticity of these signatures in real time is crucial. The visual difference between a legit and a forged signature can be immaterial to the eye.

Birosign's proprietary algorithm provides a signature verification and user authentication service that can be integrated into various applications. Birosign Signature Verification Service analyzes not only the visual imprint but also the dynamic character traits of the signature, such as velocity, pressure, and others. This handwritten gesture is unique to the signer, cannot be stolen, forged, or forgotten.

The signatures are captured using an iPad and an Apple Pencil or a dedicated Adonit Security Stylus equipped with an additional fingerprint sensor. During the first time, the user trains the pen to recognize and remember the characteristic features of the sequence of movements for the given signee. Based on these data, it can identify the user later. This technology is optimized for various signature styles and can adapt to the signatures changing over time.
Fraud-free examination processes raise the value of university degrees to a higher level and prevent the reputation and prestige of the institution.

With the help of our partner Birosign and their expertise in signature verification, we ensure that fraudulent signatures will always be detected. Thus, we can elevate ProctorEdu's services to the highest level.

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