What Is the ATI TEAS Nursing Exam?

It essentially acts as a gateway into the realm of nursing studies. Given the pivotal role the ATI TEAS plays in the nursing school admission process, thorough preparation is essential. This article delves into the nuances of preparing for the ATI TEAS, considerations regarding retaking the exam, the minimal passing score prerequisites, and other pertinent facets integral to navigating this pivotal evaluation.

How is the TEAS structured?

The ATI TEAS evaluation follows a distinctive format, encompassing four specific sections: Science, Mathematics, Reading and English Language. In total, there are 170 questions, including 20 unscored items. Test-takers are provided with a total of 209 minutes to complete the entire assessment. Each section is allocated a specific time limit: Science (60 minutes), Math (57 minutes), English (37 minutes) and Reading (55 minutes). The Science portion stands out as crucial, delving into topics such as human anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and scientific reasoning. The question distribution varies across sections with the Reading section containing 39 questions, Math 34, Science 44, and English (language usage) 33 questions.

What is the passing score for the TEAS?

The answer to this question is not so simple: achieving a passing grade in nursing schools can be contingent on individual requirements. Typically, a passing score ranges between 50% to 70%, but in order to be competitive, aiming for scores within the 70% to 75% bracket is advisable. The ATI TEAS assessment comprises three key components: the Total Score, Content Score, and Subsection Score, which collectively shape the holistic evaluation of the examination.

How to register for the TEAS?

To secure a spot for the examination, it's imperative to reach out to your specific nursing institution of interest to inquire about the exam schedule and location. Different schools may provide varied options for exam administration, including online proctoring or on-site at the institution itself.

With the exam being available thrice annually, candidates have the opportunity for three attempts in case of dissatisfaction with the initial outcome.

Registration procedures may involve signing up directly through the institution or opting for proctored exams; validation of this process should be confirmed with the prospective school of enrollment. Moreover, registration on the ATI platform is necessary for result retrieval and transcript submission.

How much does the TEAS cost?

The cost of the ATI TRAY exam ranges from $65 to $125.

How to prepare for the TEAS?

There are different methods of preparation: online courses, guides, and practice tests. In order to prepare for the TEAS test, it is recommended to plan ahead, and start preparing a few weeks before the test day. By performing practical tests, you will be able to find out your weaknesses, see your wrong answers, and focus on them during the preparation.

We also recommend ATI TEAS SmartPrep for targeted training. SmartPrep will first offer you to take practice tests in order to identify your weaknesses, and then develop an individual program for you to achieve maximum results.

SmartPrep has been proven to increase the amount of right answers by an average of 7.5%, and it will help you study smarter.

How to retake the TEAS if you don't achieve your desired score?

If you don’t pass the exam on the first attempt, then you will have 2 more attempts. The dates of the retake and how long you will have to wait before the next attempt depend on the nursing school you are going to enroll in, as well as the nursing programs you want to enroll in.

How long are TEAS scores valid?

TEAS scores typically remain valid for 2 years, but this duration can vary depending on the nursing school's policies. It is advisable to verify with the institution directly.

When will you receive TEAS scores?

Upon completion of the ATI TEAS exam at a designated location, your scores are promptly accessible in your ATI Account under the section “MY RESULTS”. While some schools may have slight delays, ATI Nursing Education furnishes electronic scores within 24 business hours for in-person tests, and within 48 hours for paper-pencil exams. For online TEAS tests via ATI, results are immediate.

How to send TEAS scores to schools?

If you have been tested online, then you will receive one free transcript with your final score, which you can send to one school accordingly. If you are trying to submit your results to several schools, then you will need additional transcripts for a small fee.

You can submit the results via the ATI through your account.

Do you need to have a calculator?

At your testing venue, you'll either receive a calculator on the spot or have access to a handy built-in calculator if you opt for the online TEAS exam.

Drinks, snacks, or tissues on the desk during the exam

Regrettably, no snacks or beverages can accompany you into the exam room. During the test, keep it simple with just a blank sheet for jotting down answers and a pair of trusty pencils on your desk. For online test-takers, ensuring your exam room meets the required setup specifications is key.

Scratch paper on the desk during the exam

Absolutely! Feel free to grab a sheet of scratch paper or a handy whiteboard to work with difficult questions. Just remember to keep it clean before you begin. A sheet of paper is permitted for both online (at home) and in-person exams.

How to set up a room for an at-home TEAS Exam?

include a practice run, suitable lighting, and webcam adjustments to minimize technical issues on exam day and distractions during your exam session. On the test day, sit at a well-lit table with a plain background, adjust your webcam, and find a clutter-free area to ensure a smooth testing experience.

If you are wearing glasses:

To avoid glare from glasses during the ATI TEAS Exam, adjust your head position and focus on the screen instead of the webcam. Lower screen brightness if necessary. During identity verification, consider temporarily removing your glasses for clear imaging. Keep the testing area free of unnecessary items to prevent irregularities.

Breaks during the TEAS Exam

Whether you're engaging in the TEAS exam online or in-person, a beneficial 10-minute break awaits you following the math segment. This brief pause gives you the chance to visit the restroom or quench your thirst for a quick refreshment.

Headphones during the exam

For individuals selecting the online variant of the ATI TEAS assessment, the presence of headphones is vital. As an integral part of the technical setup for the exam, it is recommended to possess a reliable set. Prior to the actual test day, ensure your headphones and all technical gadgets are in peak condition.

How to submit a TEAS Exam Accommodation?

Accommodations for the ATI TEAS Exams are accessible at every examination site; however, the processes for requesting and obtaining accommodations differ by location, often mandating a 30-day notice in advance.

Is it possible to reschedule an ATI TEAS Exam?

Commencing November 29, 2023, students who initially arranged their TEAS Exam through ATI Testing can now modify their examination date or time as necessary. Each rescheduled slot incurs a $15 charge. The adjustment can be conveniently made via your ATI account.

To qualify for rescheduling, ensure your ATI account has an active, unrestricted test date, make any changes at least 48 hours before the exam, secure a fresh testing slot within 30 days of the initial date (subject to availability), and adhere to the original exam site when switching locations.


In conclusion, the ATI TEAS Nursing Exam serves as a crucial assessment tool for aspiring nursing students looking to embark on a fulfilling career in healthcare. In this article, we touched on all aspects of the ATI TEAS exams, starting with the structure of the exam, ending with how to prepare the room for the online exam. We also tried to answer all kinds of questions about the exam: do I need a calculator or headphones for the exam, can I bring food with me, and so on. We hope this comprehensive ATI TEAS exam guide will help you to achieve your nursing aspirations.


Is it hard to pass the ATI TEAS test?

The answer to this question depends on your knowledge. In any case, if you know the dates of the exam in advance, you will have time to prepare and practice. How to pass the TEAS test? Be competent enough in the right disciplines, stay focused, and carefully prepare for the exam; then you will be able to feel confident.

What is the ATI TEAS test for?

The main task of ATI TEAS is to check whether you have sufficient knowledge to get into nursing school.

What is a passing score on the ATI TEAS test?

A passing score depends on the healthcare program. Basically, you need to score from 50-70% to pass the exam successfully.

How much does the ATI TEAS cost?

The cost of the exam varies from $65 to $125. However, keep in mind that you may incur additional costs if, for example, you want to reschedule an exam, or send a transcript of your results to several nursing schools.