The Future of Online Test Monitoring

You might have heard about online test monitoring. It's a fairly new concept that aims to help academic institutions create a fair environment for students to give exams.
Though institutions are benefiting from this technology, experts predict that it will become an important aspect of e-learning in the future. Read more to learn how online proctoring will work in the education sector.

What is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring is a modern-day technology that became a necessity during the pandemic when schools no longer held in-person classes and had to teach via online mediums. Other terms for it include proctored testing or remote proctoring, but they all mean the same thing: software that helps monitor students taking exams remotely. Different institutions use these services because:

  • remote exams are often rife with cheating
  • it helps protect the institution's integrity
  • allows professors or teachers to support students during an online exam

How Does Online Test Monitoring Work?

Your chosen online proctored exam monitoring services and software will allow you to create an online test in the LMS or Learning Management System. Besides that, you also need to select specific features to conduct the test and create test rules.
Here, we have mentioned some steps that you need to follow to create online exam proctors.

Design the Test in the LMS

You need to begin by creating the exam in the LMS. You can create a quiz by adding necessary questions that students will have to answer and providing necessary options if it's a multiple-choice question. Once you do this, your chosen online proctoring software will extract the test information from the LMS through integration.

Select Required Features

Based on the proctored test software you chose, you will get plenty of features that help you limit the risk of cheating. The features can include blocking the browser, cell phone detection, ID verification, and voice detection.

Set Guidelines, Rules, and Accommodations

You can use such technology to create rules for a proctored exam, such as prohibiting the use of secondary devices, talking policies, and limiting browsing activities. This software also allows instructors to set certain options for specific students. This includes setting extra time for some students and allowing some technologies.

Check the Completed Exam

The student will verify their ID before starting the exam. After the exam ends, an instructor can check the test and give marks accordingly.

Why Did Online Test Monitoring Become So Popular?

Online exam monitoring technology has gained popularity in recent years due to its benefits for both students and instructors.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • don't have to monitor each student
  • cuts down on the risk of cheating
  • helps evaluate student's performance
  • easy storage of tests
  • helps to detect human errors

Benefits for Students:

  • saves time
  • offers instant results
  • opportunity to take tests from the comfort of your home
  • low examination cost
  • cuts down on travel costs

Online Proctoring Controversies

Online test monitoring may cause some problems. The online software you choose to conduct an exam will collect and store data- sometimes for several years. If the data is leaked or hacked, students might face serious issues. Some online tests may also cost students more than they have to pay for a regular exam.
Also, since every student is not tech-savvy, understanding the software and giving the exam might be problematic for them. They might even take some time to understand the test process, which wastes a lot of time. Therefore, it's best to choose a credible and trustworthy online testing system with excellent security and easy-to-understand technology.

What is The Future of Online Proctoring?

As the pandemic has created uncertainty in the last few years, remote learning and e-learning have become a topic of mainstream news. According to an online test monitoring trend, e-learning is on the rise due to the pandemic. In fact, experts expect to see an increase of $1 trillion in the global e-learning market by 2027. Not only this, but to ensure the integrity of exams, remote monitoring will become an integral part of exams in the future.
Since validating the results of an exam and giving fair grades to each student is an important part of the process, online exam monitoring is as important as in-person monitoring. Therefore, experts believe that the global spending on online proctoring will reach $1.3 billion. Additionally, regions like Europe and North America will invest in monitoring technology more than the other countries. China will also play its part in making remote proctoring accessible for every institution.
Despite the fact that many institutions and countries are putting effort into making monitoring of online assessments common, there are several challenges in this journey. This is because many students have limited access to the internet, while some don't have sufficient RAM in their computers to support heavy software. Nevertheless, over time, countries will be able to resolve these issues as technology becomes cheaper and internet access becomes widespread.

Why Is Online Test Monitoring Here To Stay?

Due to their increasing popularity and amazing benefits, online testing is here to stay, and here is why:

Enable Students to Take Exams from Anywhere

Exam proctoring may seem like a way to prevent students from cheating, but the technology also benefits students. They don't have to travel all the way to the institution to give an exam. Instead, using they can take an exam from just about anywhere. They can be at home, in a park, or in a local library.

No Need to Set Up Exam Centers

For in-person exams, institutions have to plan for exams several months before they begin. This is because they have to organize bigger spaces to accommodate a significant number of students. Online exam monitoring prevents institutions from setting up exam centers and spending a lot of money on organizing a safe and controlled examination center.

No Need to Deploy Human Proctors

Another reason that proctoring service is here to stay is that it doesn't need manpower. There's no need to hire one instructor for every 10 to 20 students to limit the risk of cheating. Not only does it reduce the time it takes to recruit proctors, but it saves a considerable amount of money as well. The institution can funnel this money towards ensuring better resources for students.

Plan and Schedule Exams Effortlessly

Instructors can also schedule and plan tests based on the exam policy by making less of an effort and in less time. They only need to feed the test content into the software and choose the appropriate options. The system will design the test accordingly and set your chosen time duration for each student.

Implement Student Identification Process

A major concern among educational institutions is the identification process. New upgrades in the proctoring system verify student IDs before allowing them to give the exam. Students need to show ID with a noticeable photo and details. Then, they have to wait for the system to verify the information.

Facilitate Instant and Continuous Communication

Though the student will give the exam remotely, they will still get guidance and support from experts. Different services allow students to ask questions if they face trouble while giving an exam. As teachers and instructors will be logged in during the exam, students will get appropriate responses in no time.

Conduct Online Exams on a Mass Scale

Academic institutions have to conduct several examinations on a large scale. This makes monitoring a challenging task. It will require them to install CCTVs, hire proctors, and look for bigger spaces. Online exam proctoring saves educational institutions from going through all this trouble.

Generate Results and Certificates Instantly

When exams are in-person, conducting them is just half the work, teachers have to check test papers and generate results as well. Opting for an online monitoring system offers the feature of checking multiple papers at a time. Also, if you set specific grading rules, the software can help you generate results in seconds. As students give exams online, they don't need to reach the institution to get a certificate. They can just print out their certificates.


Online proctoring offers several advantages to both students and instructors. Despite posing several challenges for institutions, this technology is here to stay in the future. In fact, industry experts predict that most exams will follow a similar model after some years.


Why is online proctoring important?

Online proctoring is important to keep students from cheating. These services have the ability to block some sites, verify student IDs, monitor each student's exam, and limit the use of other devices. As a result, institutions can ensure the credibility of the exam.

What Are Online Proctoring Trends?

In a few years, the demand for online proctoring will grow worldwide. In fact, the global e-learning market will reach $1 trillion by 2027.