ProctorEdu announces cooperation with MindScroll LMS

"Our business is conducting online exams with the highest level of precision and credibility, and with ProctorEdu, we are adding an extra layer of security for high-stakes testing," said Joyjeet Sarkar, CTO of MindScroll. "Using its first-rate automated proctoring solution, ProctorEdu will help us monitor students and their interaction with exam materials throughout the entire duration of the test. This includes facial recognition, background noise tracking and full web-browser monitoring".
"We are thrilled to be collaborating with MindScroll on our maiden roll-out in India," said Artem Kozin, CEO of ProctorEdu. MindScroll has a proven history of blazing the trail in the online assessment segment in India. The future of online testing in India is bright, with marked annual growth in people taking online assessments, either as part of an online education course or for career purposes. ProctorEdu is offering a turnkey solution, resolving all ambiguity around the credibility of online exams.

About ProctorEdu
Founded in 2020, ProctorEdu is a privately held company based in Wilmington, USA. Using secure IT-solutions, ProctorEdu is constantly searching for innovative ways to make online exams more credible, enabling its clients to gain competitive advantage and improve online assessment.
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About MindScroll
MindScroll is a technology enabled training organization and a "one-stop partner" for all training development and deployment needs for corporates. Our flagship product, MindScroll Learning Platform – an all in one comprehensive Digital Learning Solution, enables training business to move their learning operations online and improve productivity. Using our smart integrations and custom plugins, customers have also grown their business many folds by selling their training solutions online. We're proud to be helping over 100,000 users worldwide transform the way they learn.
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