Bond Measure - Definition & Meaning

A bond measure, often referred to simply as a "bond," is a financial proposal presented to voters in a local or state election to seek approval for the issuance of bonds to fund specific projects or initiatives, including those related to education. Bonds are a common means of financing capital projects, such as the construction or renovation of school facilities.

Key points about bond measures in the context of education include:

  • Purpose: Bond measures are typically used to secure funding for large-scale capital projects in education, such as building new schools, renovating existing facilities, upgrading technology infrastructure, or improving safety and security measures.
  • Voter Approval: In most cases, the issuance of bonds requires voter approval through a ballot initiative. Voters decide whether to authorize the local or state government to borrow money by selling bonds to investors.
  • Bond Repayment: Bonds are typically repaid over time, often with interest, through property taxes or other revenue sources designated for that purpose. The repayment period can extend over several years or decades.
  • Local Control: Bond measures provide local communities with control over decisions regarding school infrastructure investments, allowing them to address specific needs and priorities.
  • Transparency: Governments and school districts are generally required to provide information to voters about the purpose and costs associated with the bond measure.
  • Project Oversight: Oversight committees or mechanisms are often established to ensure that funds generated through bond measures are used for their intended purposes.
The success of bond measures can have a significant impact on the physical infrastructure of schools and the quality of education provided to students. Bond funds are an essential source of financing for capital improvements in education systems at the local and state levels.

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