Orientation School - Definition & Meaning

An orientation school, also known as an orientation program or orientation session, is an educational initiative designed to familiarize students with a new learning environment, policies, procedures, and expectations. It is typically conducted before the start of a new academic year, semester, or when students transition to a new school or grade level.

The purpose of an orientation school is to help students acclimate to their new educational setting, establish connections with teachers and peers, and become acquainted with the resources and support services available to them. It may include a combination of informational sessions, tours, workshops, and activities aimed at addressing practical, social, and academic aspects of the school experience.

During an orientation school, students receive important information about the school's mission, rules, schedules, and extracurricular opportunities. They may learn about academic requirements, class registration procedures, support services, and strategies for success. Orientation programs also provide opportunities for students to ask questions, address concerns, and develop a sense of belonging and community within the school.

Orientation schools play a vital role in helping students navigate the transition to a new educational environment and set the stage for a positive and successful learning experience. By providing a structured introduction to the school's culture and expectations, orientation programs can help students feel more comfortable, confident, and prepared as they begin their educational journey.

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