Direct Instruction - Definition & Meaning

Direct instruction is a teaching method that involves explicit and systematic instructional strategies to deliver content and guide student learning. In direct instruction, teachers provide clear explanations, demonstrate skills, and provide structured practice opportunities for students to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Direct instruction typically follows a teacher-led approach, where the teacher plays an active role in delivering information, modeling concepts, and providing step-by-step guidance. The method often includes elements such as lectures, demonstrations, guided practice, and immediate feedback.

The goal of direct instruction is to promote mastery of specific concepts or skills by breaking them down into manageable parts and presenting them in a sequential and structured manner. It emphasizes a focused and efficient approach to learning, with the teacher providing clear objectives and explicit instruction to support student understanding.

Direct instruction is widely used in various educational settings, including K-12 classrooms and college-level courses, as it offers a systematic approach to teaching core content and skills. It is particularly effective for building foundational knowledge, developing procedural skills, and promoting active engagement in the learning process.

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