Flipped Classroom - Definition & Meaning

The flipped classroom is an instructional approach that reverses the traditional sequence of learning activities. In a flipped classroom, students engage with instructional content, such as pre-recorded video lectures or readings, outside of class time, typically as homework. Class time is then dedicated to interactive, collaborative activities and discussions that reinforce and apply the concepts learned.

The flipped classroom model allows students to access content at their own pace and review materials as needed. By shifting the delivery of content outside the classroom, valuable in-class time is utilized for active learning experiences, such as problem-solving, group work, and critical thinking activities. This approach promotes student engagement, deeper understanding of concepts, and the development of higher-order thinking skills.

Flipped classrooms often leverage technology, such as online learning platforms or educational videos, to deliver instructional content. This enables students to access resources anytime and anywhere, accommodating different learning styles and preferences. The flipped classroom model also encourages student autonomy, responsibility, and ownership of the learning process.

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