GPA - Definition & Meaning

GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which is a numerical representation of a student's academic performance in a given period, such as a semester or an entire academic year. It is a standardized method used by educational institutions to assess and compare students' overall academic achievement.

A GPA is typically calculated based on the grades earned in individual courses or subjects. Each grade is assigned a numerical value. These numerical values are then used to calculate an average, which represents the student's GPA.

The GPA serves as an indicator of a student's academic success, effort, and level of mastery in their studies. It provides a standardized measure that can be used by colleges, universities, employers, and scholarship committees to evaluate a student's academic qualifications, potential, and eligibility for various opportunities.

In addition to individual course grades, the GPA calculation may also consider factors such as credit hours or weighting assigned to different courses. Some institutions may use a weighted GPA, where more challenging or advanced courses carry a higher value, reflecting the additional rigor and effort required.

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