Mastery Learning - Definition & Meaning

Mastery learning is an instructional approach that focuses on ensuring that all students achieve a high level of proficiency in a specific subject or skill before progressing to the next level of instruction. In mastery learning, the emphasis is on students demonstrating a deep understanding and mastery of the content, rather than simply meeting minimal passing requirements.

Mastery learning involves breaking down learning objectives into smaller, sequenced units. Students are provided with multiple opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and remediate any misconceptions or gaps in their understanding until they achieve mastery.

The approach is student-centered, allowing learners to progress at their own pace and providing additional support to those who need it. It promotes a growth mindset, emphasizing effort, persistence, and continuous improvement.

Mastery learning is supported by frequent formative assessments to gauge students' progress and identify areas for improvement. It also aligns with the principles of differentiated instruction, as educators tailor their teaching to meet individual learning needs.

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