Scaffolding - Definition & Meaning

In education, scaffolding refers to a supportive framework or instructional approach that provides temporary assistance and guidance to students as they learn new concepts, skills, or tasks. The goal of scaffolding is to facilitate learning by breaking down complex or challenging tasks into manageable steps, gradually reducing support as students gain proficiency and independence.

Scaffolding can take various forms, including providing clear instructions, modeling strategies, offering prompts or cues, offering feedback and encouragement, or providing resources and tools to support learning. The level and type of scaffolding provided depend on the student's needs, prior knowledge, and the complexity of the learning task.

By providing scaffolding, educators aim to bridge the gap between what students already know and what they need to learn. It helps students build on their existing knowledge and skills, enabling them to tackle more complex tasks or concepts. Scaffolding also fosters confidence, motivation, and a sense of accomplishment, as students experience success through incremental steps.

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