Edu Terms Starting With S
Standardized Testing
Standardized testing refers to assessments that are administered under uniform and controlled conditions, following specific procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency and comparability of results across test takers.
Secondary School
Secondary school, also known as high school, refers to the educational institution that provides education to students in the stage between primary school and higher education. It typically covers grades 9 to 12, although the organization and grade levels can vary across different educational systems.
Summative Assessment
Summative assessment is an evaluation method used to measure student learning and achievement at the end of a learning period, course, or instructional unit. It aims to assess the cumulative knowledge, skills, and understanding that students have acquired over a specific period.
In education, scaffolding refers to a supportive framework or instructional approach that provides temporary assistance and guidance to students as they learn new concepts, skills, or tasks.
Scientific Inquiry
Scientific inquiry refers to the systematic and rigorous process through which scientists investigate the natural world, propose explanations for phenomena, and test their hypotheses.
Scope and Sequence
Scope and sequence refers to the organization and sequencing of content and skills in an educational curriculum.
Student-Centered Learning
Student-centered learning is an educational approach that places the learner at the center of the instructional process.
Scholarship refers to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and academic excellence through research, study, and intellectual inquiry.
Student Engagement
Student engagement refers to the degree of involvement, interest, and active participation exhibited by students in their learning experiences.
Synthesize Information
Synthesizing information refers to the process of combining and integrating different sources of information to create a cohesive and comprehensive understanding or representation of a topic or concept.
STEM Education
STEM education stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.
Service Learning
Service learning is an educational approach that combines academic learning with meaningful community service.
SCORM, which stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a set of technical standards used in e-learning and online education.
Student Achievement
Student achievement refers to the academic progress and accomplishments of students in their educational pursuits.
Scientific Knowledge
Scientific knowledge refers to a systematic and evidence-based understanding of the natural world and the principles that govern its functioning.
Social Pedagogy
Social pedagogy is an interdisciplinary field of education that combines elements of pedagogy, sociology, psychology, and social work.
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