Edu Terms Starting With I
Interdisciplinary refers to an approach that integrates knowledge, perspectives, and methodologies from multiple academic disciplines or fields of study.
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology.
Inquiry-Based Learning
Inquiry-based learning is an instructional approach that places students at the center of the learning process, emphasizing active exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
Inclusive Classroom
An inclusive classroom refers to an educational setting where students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and learning needs are welcomed and accommodated.
Individualized Instruction
Individualized instruction, also known as personalized learning or differentiated instruction, refers to an educational approach that tailors the learning experience to meet the unique needs, preferences, and abilities of each student.
Inclusion Education
Inclusion education, also known as inclusive education, is an approach to education that emphasizes the full participation, support, and integration of all students, including those with disabilities, special needs, or diverse learning abilities, in the regular classroom environment.
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