Inquiry-Based Learning - Definition & Meaning

Inquiry-based learning is an instructional approach that places students at the center of the learning process, emphasizing active exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. It involves posing questions, investigating topics, and seeking answers through research, experimentation, and reflection.

Inquiry-based learning promotes student engagement, curiosity, and a deep understanding of concepts by encouraging students to ask questions, explore ideas, and construct their own knowledge. It moves away from a traditional teacher-centered approach and empowers students to take ownership of their learning.

In an inquiry-based learning environment, educators serve as facilitators, guiding students through the inquiry process, providing support, and fostering collaboration. Students develop important skills such as information literacy, critical thinking, communication, and self-directed learning.

Inquiry-based learning can take various forms, including open-ended projects, research investigations, problem-based scenarios, and Socratic discussions. It promotes active learning, student agency, and the development of lifelong learning skills that are essential for success in the modern world.

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