California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) - Definition & Meaning

The California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) is a statewide data collection and reporting system used by the California Department of Education (CDE) to gather comprehensive information about California's public K-12 educational system. CBEDS collects data on student enrollment, demographic information, teacher staffing, and other essential educational metrics.

Key points about CBEDS in California education include:

  • Data Collection: CBEDS collects data from all California public schools, school districts, and county offices of education. This includes data on students, teachers, administrators, and school facilities.
  • Mandatory Reporting: Public educational institutions in California are required by law to report specific data to CBEDS. This data is used for various purposes, including state funding allocation, research, and policy planning.
  • Enrollment Data: CBEDS gathers information on student enrollment, including counts of students by grade level, gender, ethnicity, and other demographic characteristics.
  • Teacher Data: The system collects data on the number of teachers, their qualifications, credentials, and teaching assignments in each school and district.
  • Course Offerings: CBEDS also captures data on the courses offered by schools, including information on advanced courses, special education programs, and career and technical education offerings.
  • Facility Data: Information about school facilities and their condition is part of the CBEDS data collection process. This includes data on the number of classrooms, maintenance needs, and safety measures.
  • Funding Allocation: The data collected by CBEDS plays a significant role in determining how state and federal funds are allocated to school districts. Accurate data is crucial for equitable funding distribution.
  • Research and Analysis: Researchers, policymakers, and educators use CBEDS data to conduct research on various aspects of California's education system and to inform decision-making.
  • Data Privacy: The California Department of Education is responsible for safeguarding the privacy and security of the data collected through CBEDS in compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

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