Collaborative Learning - Definition & Meaning

Collaborative learning is an instructional approach that encourages students to work together in small groups or teams to achieve common learning goals. It emphasizes active participation, cooperation, and shared responsibility in the learning process.

In collaborative learning, students engage in discussions, problem-solving activities, projects, or other interactive tasks that require them to communicate, negotiate, and collaborate with their peers. They learn from one another, share ideas, and contribute their unique perspectives and strengths to the group.

Collaborative learning promotes critical thinking, communication skills, and social-emotional development. It fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students can learn from different perspectives, develop empathy, and appreciate the value of diverse ideas and backgrounds.

Effective collaborative learning activities incorporate clear learning objectives, well-defined roles, and opportunities for reflection and feedback. They create opportunities for active engagement and meaningful interactions, leading to deeper understanding and improved learning outcomes.

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