Mello-Roos Community Facility District - Definition & Meaning

A Mello-Roos Community Facility District (CFD), often referred to simply as a Mello-Roos district, is a special taxing district established in California, USA, to finance public infrastructure and services within specific communities or developments. Mello-Roos districts are a means of funding essential services, such as schools, parks, and public safety facilities, in newly developed areas.

Key points about Mello-Roos Community Facility Districts include:

  • Local Funding: Mello-Roos districts allow local governments to raise additional revenue for infrastructure and services needed to support growing communities. The revenue generated is typically used to finance the construction and maintenance of public facilities.
  • Property Tax: Funding for Mello-Roos districts is generated through a special property tax assessment on properties within the district. Property owners pay an additional property tax, known as a Mello-Roos tax, in addition to their regular property taxes.
  • Bond Financing: In many cases, Mello-Roos districts issue bonds to raise capital for infrastructure projects. Property tax revenue is used to repay these bonds over time.
  • Services: Mello-Roos revenue can be used to fund a wide range of services and facilities, including schools, libraries, roads, water and sewer systems, and public safety services.
  • Community Development: These districts are often associated with new housing developments and are intended to support the growth of these communities by providing essential amenities and infrastructure.
  • Voter Approval: The establishment of a Mello-Roos district typically requires approval by the affected property owners through a vote.
  • Sunset Clauses: Some Mello-Roos districts have sunset clauses that limit the duration of the special tax assessment, while others are established with ongoing tax assessments.
Mello-Roos Community Facility Districts are an important mechanism for financing the development and expansion of communities in California while ensuring that the necessary infrastructure and public services are in place to support residents.

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