CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) - Definition & Meaning

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is a standardized test used in the state of California to assess the basic academic skills of individuals seeking to become educators in California's public schools. The test is designed to ensure that candidates for teaching positions have the fundamental skills necessary for effective teaching.

The CBEST consists of three subtests:

Reading: This subtest assesses the candidate's reading comprehension and ability to interpret and analyze written information.

Writing: In this subtest, candidates are required to write two essays, one focused on expository writing and the other on personal experience. The essays are evaluated for clarity, organization, and grammar.

Mathematics: The mathematics subtest evaluates the candidate's mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Candidates must pass all three subtests to be eligible for a California teaching credential. The CBEST is an important component of the teacher certification process in California, helping to ensure that educators have the necessary foundational skills to support student learning.

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