e-Learning - Definition & Meaning

e-Learning, short for electronic learning, refers to the use of digital technologies and the internet to facilitate and enhance the learning process. It encompasses a wide range of educational activities conducted through online platforms, virtual classrooms, and multimedia resources.
e-Learning provides learners with opportunities for flexible and self-paced learning, allowing them to access educational materials, engage in interactive activities, and receive instruction remotely. It offers a variety of online resources, such as e-books, video lectures, discussion forums, and interactive simulations, to support and enrich the learning experience.
The benefits of e-Learning include increased accessibility, convenience, and the ability to tailor instruction to individual needs. It provides opportunities for asynchronous learning, where students can engage with course content at their own pace and time, and facilitates collaboration and communication through online platforms.
e-Learning can be fully online or blended, combining online and traditional face-to-face instruction. It has gained significant prominence in recent years, particularly with advancements in technology and the increasing demand for flexible and lifelong learning opportunities.

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