Educational Technology - Definition & Meaning

Educational technology, often referred to as EdTech, encompasses the use of digital tools, resources, and technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and the overall educational experience. It involves the integration of technology into various aspects of education to support instruction, engagement, collaboration, assessment, and communication.

Educational technology can take many forms, including software applications, online learning platforms, educational apps, multimedia resources, virtual reality, augmented reality, and learning management systems. These technologies offer new opportunities for personalized learning, active engagement, and access to educational resources beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

By leveraging educational technology, educators can create interactive and immersive learning experiences, tailor instruction to individual student needs, and provide immediate feedback. Students can engage in self-paced learning, collaborate with peers, access a wealth of information, and develop digital literacy skills that are increasingly important in the modern world.

Educational technology has the potential to transform education, making it more inclusive, engaging, and accessible to diverse learners. It can facilitate distance learning, blended learning, and personalized learning approaches, enabling students to take ownership of their learning and develop 21st-century skills.

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